✅ Service Status - 19/12/19 - (Pots, Payments, Get Paid Early - All affected)


Hi All,

Just posting this at the top of the thread for anyone new coming to the forum, it seems there’s currently a few problems with the monzo app :wrench:

Please see the latest status update from Monzo here:

Feel free to discuss below, hopefully service will be restored shortly :slight_smile:



Just checked my monzo and my pots have disappeared!!!

Any ideas? Im currently missing around £5000

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It looks like there’s some issues right now… P2P payments are also not working, and my pots have vanished.

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and Summary - not great even if the money is safe.

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Just saw a post on Reddit so checked and mine are too. I’m sure they’ll pop back up :eyes:

Oh my god thought I was on my own then Jesus…

I have literally just posted the same qu in the help forum. Having a heart attack with missing pots.

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Same mate

Yep. Had messages about server issues. Pots have gone, and “Get paid early” is either not working or slow - not sure which. Perhaps everyone trying to claim their pre-Christmas salary a day early causing a spike in demand and messing up the services, but that’s a guess.

Clearly a lot of people were due to be paid early for Christmas, with many of us taking advantage of being paid even earlier with Monzo at 4pm. The servers are properly in melt-down.

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I’m having the same issue.

Your money will be safe, I’d imagine everyone is claiming early at 4pm and the servers are busy/crashed.


This happened before and it really shouldn’t be happening again

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I would say this is bang on the money, has caused issues before.

Hopefully will all be sorted soon, mine have vanished!

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I just replied to another thread about this. I’m sure money is safe but this is pretty poor form. Myself and my partner both freaked out when we saw all our pots (and the chunk of money in them) have disappeared.

It’s also a bit annoying to have to search out for the answer - come onto the forum to find out what’s going on. Where’s the push notification to notify us that there’s issues with the app etc?!


Yeah mine not showing either. But early pay day is working for me.

Yep - all my business account pots too. Missing a hell of a lot of money at the moment.

Same here, Pots have disappeared, Early Salary didn’t work until 16:20 hrs, App Support is frozen, No one is answering the calls. Apparently, It’s Business as Usual according to Monzo Status Page & Twitter!

There’s always a window before notifications go out where early users can spot the error before the notification. You’ve just happened to fall into the window this time, that’s all.

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Probably being inundated, and sure they’re on it.

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