Transfer from savings pot issue

Has anyone else got a problem with receiving money from a savings pot withdrawal ?

I made a transfer yesterday that was due today, however this has not arrived yet.

Have you asked in app chat?

Depends on the time you made the withdrawal.

Doesn’t say that in the help section

I contacted Monzo and they gave me some money to say sorry.

A bit worried about it as I really need this money by the latest tomorrow its over 20k being withdrawn for a large purchase

I would assume that it maybe anything after 3pm would hit the account day 2, in the same respect that you try a withdrawal at 23:58 :wink:

Did it show in the app as being added today by 5pm?

I would assume if I withdrew after 5pm on monday (ie. Part of the Tuesday working day) then “before 5pm on the next working day” would mean Wednesday.

Could definitely be clearer though. Some FAQs are still the slapdash ones they first threw up to reduce support queries. Need regular updating for sure.


I’ve just withdrawn from a pot and it’s showing on the feed as due tomorrow


Okay, please let me know if you do get it tomorrow, or if it is delayed further

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I recently raised some questions on this too.

Its just not regular enough to be used reliably.
Would be great id savings pots got some love

Got it just after midday

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