Savings Pots SLAs

I have noticed an inconsistency in the time it takes to move money from a Monzo savings pot to your Monzo current account. This has proven particularly frustrating as I am exchanging on a property today. For example, I withdrew a large sum on Wednesday afternoon with landed Thursday morning. I then withdrew a further, SMALLER sum on Thursday morning, which is not going to land until 5pm Friday. There is no consistency in SLA here and it is not fair to expect Monzo customers to have to ‘guess’ when their money will arrive. Please look into improving this area of your service.

Doesn’t it tell you when you withdraw it when it will land in your account? Did you second transfer miss a cut off point?

Withdrawals from easy access savings pots arrive next working day, by 5pm.

Does it say ‘at 5’ or’ by 5?’

In any case, Monzo are clear that the money should arrive next working day. That’s all they promise, and all you should expect.

Having said that,I agree it’s a PIA, and it’s a result of Monzo using third party providers for savings products. Another result is that you can sometimes get better interest by going directly to those providers.

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This is taken from the docs for my savings pot, and it was shown when I opened it:

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It does but my point is there is no consistency. I completed a withdrawal in Wednesday which took less than 24hrs to process, but a withdrawal in Thursday which has now taken over 26hrs and still not processed. You need to understand the point here that this is frustrating when you need to complete large transactions such as exchanging a deposit on a house by a certain time and date. Every. Second. Counts.

But that isn’t in Monzo’s control. They’ve told you when it will be and you’ve got one quicker than the other, you should consider that a bonus.

If Every. Second. Counts. Then you shouldn’t have left it to the last minute.


I understand that. But again, by 5pm is still unclear isn’t it and it would be better if there were a definitive 18,24,36hr SLA or something in place in my opinion.

But I haven’t left it until the last minute. I sent the instruction the day before I needed the funds? I thought this was a community page, no a debate forum like Reddit or Facebook?

As long as you’re not needing the money before 5pm then requesting it the day before is fine. I don’t remember that published deadline ever being missed.

In each case they’ve met the SLA they communicate - by 5pm next working day.
The only way you’ll get consistency is if they hold the deposit until 5pm.


It is a community forum, that doesn’t mean everything you say has to be agreed with.

It clearly states that you get the money by 5pm the following working day. If you need the money on Friday, then doing it on Thursday is too late.

This isn’t within Monzo’s control. This stress is all your own doing.

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I dunno. I think it’s pretty clear. If I know I need to make a payment on the Friday, I’d withdraw it a day earlier to make sure I have it by 5pm on the Thursday.

Maybe I’d be over cautious, and withdraw a day earlier to be sure.


By 5pm is pretty clear to me. Money expected in your account anytime from starting that transaction up to 5pm.

So why can’t there be a strict 12-24hr SLA I.e if you withdraw the funds at 10am Wednesday, they clear at 10am Thursday. Instead it’s a case of withdraw the funds and they will arrive anytime the next day before 5pm. Now this may be fine and is fine for the large majority of transactions. But when transactions need to be made by a specific time on a specific day, and I as someone who has been targeted with fraud multiple times in the past am reluctant to have a large sum of funds in my current account, why should I have to withdraw money from my savings account days before I actually need to make the transaction? These pots accrue compound interest, so it is in MY interest to keep the money in there as long as possible.

I don’t think anyone’s saying you should move money “days before” you need it.

However, you’ve set topic up to ask for something that effectively already exists so people are responding to that.

The fact that you don’t happen to like what’s provided is a different topic.


Ok I’m new to this community. Where should I raise this then?

Raise what? You want Monzo to renegotiate their own SLA with the providers of the savings pots?

It’s not a set time because the money has to come back from a 3rd party, that time can vary. Nothing will change that as it’s reliant on that provider sending the funds back over following a request for the money.

You’re not particularly helpful whoever you are, you just want a row and to make a frustrating situation all the more frustrating. It doesn’t take much to be kind to each other. Be kind. Don’t be abrasive.