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They’ll be in the toy shop


Mine came in about 5 minutes ago so I think you’re right :grinning:


I have just withdrawn from savings pot and it does say "tomorrow 3pm " which suggests I should receive the withdrawal into my account by 3pm - it is at odds with the screenshot from Rat previously stating next working day by 5pm @simonb perhaps you could pass this on to whoever should be matching with consistent messaging in app ?


4.50 still nothing…

Cant even go shops now… had it come in at 3 would’ve still made it…

Ive done this many times, and this is the first time its been delayed.

Dont understand why monzo don’t just credit it to me if they know its coming

Its in even in the past now, still waiting…

You withdrew this yesterday right?

It’s 1 working day for withdrawals so you’ll receive it tomorrow. Unless I’m misunderstanding?

I’d say next working day is the next working day - if I applied sat or sunday the next working day is Monday ?

Now I’m even more confused :laughing:

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I got at 5pm and yes it was withdrawn yesterday, the rest i did today.


Right on the bell.

Wait I’m confused isn’t it working as expected?

You make a withdrawal, wait up to a working day and you should have it before or at 5pm latest?

So if I withdraw on Monday, it should be in my account Tuesday at or before 5pm?

If I withdraw on Friday it should then be Monday at 5pm latest?

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Correct. Request one day, receive next day. (Friday and weekends push to Monday)

My withdrawal from Sunday came in yesterday at 4:40. It’s the latest I’ve seen it. I think the earliest was 10:30am.

It may be a better idea to put 5:00 in the placeholder transaction for consistency if nothing else.