Stuck on verify account. My account is unable to verify my card and video?

Need help! Creating account with Monzo today! My app won’t let me create an account due to it won’t verify my account with video and driving licence

What stage isn’t working? What error message are you getting?

Unable to verify my identity
I’ve got clear picture of my driving licence and a video is all clear but it’s unable to do it

Email and they should be able to help

Yeah I’ve emailed them. Also reinstalled my account but got nothing

Have you made sure you’re doing it in a really well lit room?

What’s the exact error message you get?

I get unable to verify please use something different but I only have driving licence

@simonb @BethS anything you can do to help?


hey @ThomasBennett :wave:

Really sorry about this, I’ll DM you for your email so I can take a look :slight_smile:


There’s a whole list of possible cures here


Can you please help, i have problem with veryfing my account.