Unable to Verify Accounts

I’ve just changed my iphone and its asking me to verify my accounts by dialing a number, however when you dial it, it says you can’t do it here. I then tried the online verification using a video recording, its says there’s an error ! How do I verify my accounts?

What do you mean by verify your account? When you want to log in on a new phone it should only ask you to do a video; not sure what this call is about?

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Never heard of this. Literally a month ago I changed my iPhone from a 7 to a 12. When I logged in via the new phone for the first time my account was temporarily suspended.I was asked to take a selfie video repeating a phrase something like my name is …… and I’m a Monzo customer. My account was immediately reinstated along with a screen message saying that all was good and that Monzo was doing this to protect me,which I understood. So I too am not sure what the phone call relates to and would suggest you call or email Monzo if you have no access to the app.

Hey @Iain1

When anyone logs into another device we ask that the user complete an identity verification video.

This is so we can:

  1. Verify the device belongs to the account holder.
  2. Verify your identity and keep your account secure!

If you’re having issues submitting this please reach out via the chat or give us a call and explain whats happening and well ask our specialists to assist!

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Hi, I have been locked out of my account. I have tried submitting a video verification numerous times but it doesnt appear to be uploading. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks

This was my problem too. I ended up reinstalling the app and it worked !

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When trying to do video it came up with an error message so couldnt do it. I ended up reinstalling app and it cured all…

reinstalled app and cured all…

had to reinstall app and it finally worked

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Glad you got it working

Glad to hear you got it working. Could have been something to do with permissions.