Verification Bug - Video Won't Work

I have the identity verification issue pop up in my feed after having the card for 2 months now, and the most I can top up is £350 which from reading another thread means I’m not verified anymore.

I have the photo of my ID done, but when It comes to the video verification, I film it, but then goes back to the screen asking me to do a video. I’ve tried about 20 times now and there’s only so many times I can film myself saying the “I have a Monzo card” so something’s up!

Anyone had something similar?

Have you contacted in-app support?

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My advice would be in app support too.

I verified last week, no issues, Android Nexus 6P, Nougat, Monzo Beta.

@Geezamo, best bet is to contact in-app support as the others have said :slight_smile: Not all phones work very well with the ID verification stuff at the moment I’m afraid.