New Account Verification Error


I’ve been trying to join up to Monzo all day but keep hitting the same error. Every time in the Android App, on the verification screen, I record the 5 second video and take a Picture of my Driving Licence but when hitting submit, I receive a generic error which states “Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if this continues.”

Is anyone else experiencing the same?


Hey @Awtus ,

Haven’t heard of anyone else having issues,
Your best bet is to email from the email you’re trying to sign up with. They can help to get this resolved for you!
Maybe worth reinstalling the app first.

Hopefully you’ll have a Monzo account soon :raised_hands:t3:


Perfect, I’ll drop them an email. Thanks for the help!


No problem, be sure let us all know your thoughts on Monzo in the future :slight_smile:

Sounds like it might be not uploading :thinking: but contacting us means we can check for sure.


This seems to be happening alot. I sent my wife a golden ticket and the verification code sent via text to her samsung galaxy is not recognised despite it being auto populated from the text message.

A little embarrassing as i had been raving about the account for ages and now she has her doubts again! :frowning:

She doesn’t need to use a golden ticket to gain access, she can just sign up as normal?

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Yes she could but there is a referral bonus of £5 so worthwhile using my golden ticket.

Either way the sign up process is identical in that you need to enter a verification code to you progress and this is the point at which she gets stuck as the code doesn’t work.

Quite a frequent problem when i have googled online. We have been waiting for support to make contact since sunday morning but there are long waiting times at present.

Email I’m sure they’ll sort it out :slight_smile:

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