Stuck on verification page for over 72hrs help

I recently applied for a current account and is still on the verification page for over 72hrs. Also tried email them but no reply

Email is your only option I’m afraid so waiting for a reply is all you can do.

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Have you got a cias or did you submit old id

What does that mean

As an alternative, if the email is going unanswered, I have noticed recently that Monzo are available on Messenger, providing support in some capacity. Typically reply within an hour apparently.

Could be another option worth trying.

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Cias basically is a flag on your name and pretty much bans you from every single british bank for X amount of time.
You generally get these for doing illegal activities such as those Snapchat posts that say you can earn money


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I think you mean Cifas

That’s not what a Cifas marker is. There is description here but the pertinent point is

A Cifas Entry (sometimes referred to as a Cifas Marker) on your Credit Report is a potential fraud warning, visible to prospective lenders to make them aware that you may be vulnerable to fraudulent attempts to take out credit in your name.

There is more info here

Additionally by the sounds of it the OP hasn’t been rejected for an account at this point. Given it’s a bank holiday that’s more likely an explanation for the delay than a Cifas marker at this point.


Thanks for that explanation. But is been 6 days so hopefully they done with the verification within the next few days

My bad

Maybe they haven’t received your application (not sound make sense but here me out)

It could have processed on your side but the sever hasn’t received it therefore they can’t see it

Perhaps you could explain this in the further detail.

I’d suggest you email from the email account on your application again but I believe Monzo have been making cuts to their staff so it may take longer than usual to get a reply.

For instance the app is ran on a secure sever which holds the Monzo api, monzo code, and user details.
When someone does something it connects from the device side to the server side to process it hence why you can’t do anything without internet so say if the server never received his request to join Monzo but the device side has updated without actually sending it off for instance losing signal just before completion making it lost

I think if Monzo where having server issues it would be listed here

I think it’s great your trying to help but I also suspect your clouding whatever issue the OP is experiencing by guessing what might or might not be wrong with Monzo.

Right now it’s more likely they are just taking longer than usual to verify some details

I would have thought the server would have to process it before an OK message is sent back to the device in order to proceed to the next step, else you get an error.

I don’t see any logical software engineer developing it any differently to a degree where it would be possible for the application to proceed on device without explicit permission from the server first.

I build apps. I would never build such a system in the way you described. It would be a disaster, both in terms of collecting telemetry to isolate possible issues and bugs, and in user experience.

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I agree. It’s just strange as my application was recent aswell but took 3 minutes if that it was literally instant to get approved and that was at like 1am

Unlikely that there is any correlation whatsoever between why yours was instant and someone else’s is taking longer

I mean the part about being not many staff is strange as his has taken 7 days

I literally applied 3 days before him

Not really… if an application requires a manual check for some reason then a shortage of staff might slow that down.

it’s possible yours didn’t need a manual check.

If your details line up with the electoral role and the details you entered match your credit file then the automated systems would approve or deny immediately-ish

We have no idea what the status of the OP’s application is

I don’t see the relevance