Stuck in verification since August (32 days so far)


I’m hoping someone can shed some light on my circumstances and if there is anything I can do.

I initiated a Monzo account on my phone back in August performing all the necessary steps, providing photos of my ID and the selfie recording. Since then ever time I open the Monzo app I get greeted with the ‘We’re verifying your account information’ screen.

I have no CCJs. I have good a good credit score. I don’t seem to have any reason from a financial perspective why it would be a complicated verification. Perhaps my hair has grown too long in lockdown :smile:

I emailed Monzo help line three times (6 days in, 11 days in, now ~30 days in) and I either get a stock reply saying they are looking into it with no further update and with the most recent email no response at all…

I’m a bit concerned at this point and been patient. I know the situation with Covid doesn’t help but I’m not seeing any other reports of these kind of delays. Last year I opened a Starling account and it took about 10 minutes to verify.

Is this normal for verification to take 32+ days?

Is there anything I can do to escalate? Even if it’s to cancel and retry. I feel like I’m just stuck in some kind of limbo and so far my impressions of the service have been pretty poor :confused:


Sadly, if you can’t get to the app, you can’t get to the chat function. You can call them (0800 802 1281) or keep trying the email, but neither of those are the best ways to get a response.

Verification is usually very quick, hours not days, certainly not 30+ days!

We’re mostly just customers on here, there’s not really any staff that can help.

I admire your tenacity. I’d have given up.

As @Revels said, there isn’t anything else to do, except to keep contacting them.

Luckily, other banks are available.

Thanks for the advice.

I do recall I did initially try calling before sending the first email and couldn’t get through to anyone. What surprised me the most is if you don’t get through within 10 minutes of being on hold they terminate the call!

I will try again

That really is shocking service, I guess you could try installing the app again.

I hope you are able to resolve this.

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