Can't open Monzo account

Hi there.

Need help . I am trying to open monzo account. But they denied as inserted photo. I have no idea what happened. Shat should i do now?

Looks like you have a cifas marker, do you?

Seems fairly self-explanatory from the message. Have you contacted Cifas or checked your credit file?

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I have no idea. I just came to the can I check it?

I have no idea. I just came to the UK. How can I know and check it??

I would start by pressing where it says “Contact CIFAS”

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I pressed to " Contact Cifas" . But i have no idea what should I do next???

Unfortunately Monzo isn’t obliged to offer an account to anyone and their decision is final. It’s unlikely to change, I’m afraid. :frowning_face:

Talk to them.

Have you ever had a problem with a bank account? Have you ever had one closed?

You are not going to (easily) get a UK bank account if you have a CIFAS marker.

To me the message sounds more like a generic “it could be this or it could be that” to keep it vague - I can’t see where it tells OP it’s a Cifas marker.

If you just got to the UK it could be a lack of address history, or another million reasons.

As you can pick who you bank with, so can banks – unfortunately there is nothing you can do


Well. To be honest, this is my 1st time to open an account in the UK.

However, yesterday i tried to open via an other email. But it can’t verify. It haven’t done yet.
Today, i create a new email and tried to create account again. May it affect???

Very sad to hear it

So you tried to open a Monzo account yesterday and they couldn’t verify you, or they were still verifying you and hadn’t completed the verification yet?

They are still verifying. I used my national ID to do it. It took very long time. Then I deleted app. Create new email, do it again by my passport.

What about accounts from wherever you’re from?

I checked 2 emails which i used to create account. But it is the same result as above photos

Just as a reminder in case you did not know, we are all just customers. We can’t help you with your account, and we are only guessing what might be wrong.

The screen clearly says Monzo can not offer you an account. Trying to get around that by opening another with another email address will not help you. Your best bet is to try another bank.


I understand . Just hoping someone know it and give me advises. Thank you

So your FIRST attempt was still verifying. Your SECOND attempt failed.

Baffled that you would try and create an account a second time like that, and use a different email.


Yeah not sure on why you’d do that either.

Makes sense why it was declined now - probably triggered a fraud alert or something hense why cifas was mentioned. They specialise in identity fraud.