Monzo Verification Taking An Age

Hi All,

I registered to Monzo yesterday and it has been well over 24 hrs now and it is stuck on the verification page.

Can anyone please advise or help?

You can try emailing

Or see if it gives you an option to chat with customer service on that screen.

Starling seemed to take a long time for me. I fully closed the app, restarted my phone, went back in and it said I needed a clearer picture of my ID. Went through within a few minutes then.

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I have tried restarting my phone and uninstalling the app. It is still stuck. No option to talk to customer service, this is very frustrating!

Email them it will get to the correct department, there’s normally a reason why it’s taking so long, and the rep on the phone won’t be able to speed it up.

I remember when I switched from pre-paid beta to Current Account, it took almost 2 days for the verification to happen. Probably because the instant demand at the time outstripped the personpower allocated to the verification process.

With 55,000 people per week now signing up, I expect the verification stage is also a hurdle to get over.

Give it 2-3 days. If no change, email as previously advised.

Good luck - I also hate the ‘unknown length of wait’ stage when applying for new products/services :crossed_fingers:

Mine took a couple of days too and I signed up ages ago.

As others mentioned, just be patient and I’m sure the wait will be worthwhile :innocent:

Its an automatic verification process which if fails then requires manual intervention.

I’ve had colleagues have their identity verified within seconds.

Jumio helps Monzo meet strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance mandates, all while minimising the need for time-consuming manual review.

Thank you all for your comments. Much appreciated.

I have emailed Monzo directly and they have escalated it to the correct department. It has been well over 48 hours now and im half considering not bothering to open the account due to the wait. :frowning:

Likewise same exact thing for me