Monzo closing account I think is unjustified

Transactions in-store. McDonald’s, some other unkn buisness I can’t find online or the map for the amount of £32 GBP via two separate transactions, with a few others. Totaling up to no more than £125GBP. But it’s still money during these times with covid

In the past I’ve brought crypto currencys just to see if anything comes of it. But I’ve not sold or deposited funds via it as I still have it. The transaction when I broguht the crypto was a normal bank transfer via local Bitcoin

I appreciate all the replies, I didn’t expect so much so soon. My credit score is below average but even then ,that shouldn’t be a reason to close a basic current account as that’s what it basically is I assume.

Did you not have a password? More likely CIFAS

Was that unknown company not fraudulent?

Maybe that triggered a cifas

That’s not how it works.

You don’t report a transaction as fraudulent and then suddenly recieve a Cifas marker.

Possibly… just don’t get why they’d close my account and not go for the the company I can’t find anything on. Just is stupid tbh

I meant if he already had one from that

What was the exact company’s name of you don’t mind saying? The payment was for

They’d investagte but even then it wouldn’t be a cifas marker I’d get as far as I can tell.


What was the unknown company name? Or fall for any make quick money scams where you shared your details? @Denning

Exactly :+1: I’m not sure what they’re saying but it doesn’t sound right at all.

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Would remind you of this post

Perhaps before giving advice about Cifas you should seriously consider reading what it is.

So if he fell for a scam or the person who stole his account trying committing fraud it shows he’s vulnerable

Still not how Cifas works.

That website you linked states

“””””An entry may be requested due to the person being a victim of crime, such as a burglary or theft, where personal documentation has been stolen “”””””

So if he gave his details to someone who committed fraud that’s classed as it. Same as the person who had marker from falling for a Instagram scam here 2 weeks ago and got his account removed as he’s details and documentation got used

Facility Takeover Is also where someone steals your account for fraud as you have it them such as a scam

Yes but people don’t magically get a Cifas marker… there is a process.

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That’s true. The fact he lost his phone and it got used might be nothing to do with it if it’s a marker. Could be something he did in the past that’s just been flagged

This has been closed so i recommend emailing monzo For more info

I think we’ve done as much as we can as a Community to help the original poster.