Verification is taking too long

Hi. I applied for Monzo business bank account on Tuesday afternoon. It is already Friday night and still the app says verification going on … i thought max 48 hours. Also sent an mail to … 30 hours passed to that as well … no outcome … what else can be done? any suggestion will be much appreciated.

Contact in app chat via your personal account

Sometimes verification takes longer

App is stuck … it just shows verification under process …

Switch back to your personal account and contact them in app through that.

Email takes forever, so I wouldn’t expect an email back in under 24hours - 3 or 4 days seems to be average.

Hi. Actually I can not enter the app. When it is installed for the first time and started and completed the account and then it asked to wait for verification … when i open the app … there is a blinking screen only with dots blinking … saying verification going on … as such I do not see the app or its menus etc.

Hello, mine has taken over a month, and still I have gotten no updates from Monzo. I contacted customer service and they said they have escalated the problem 2-3 times but still I am in the waiting list. It’s been almost 2 months and I still have no updates on it. They said they can’t do anything about it. Does anyone know the problem to it or how to get around it???

Only monzo staff are going to have that answer so you’ll just have to keep escalating it with them or give up and move on

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