Monzo SignUp Issues

i have issues while SignUp can you guys help me?

There’s nothing you or anyone here can do.

As detailed in your screenshot Monzo won’t offer you an account so you’ll need to apply to a different bank.


It’s just as Monzo says. They can’t offer you an account and won’t tell you why. No one here can give you anything more than speculation. As @Ordog said, try another bank.

You got a cifas marker?

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Plenty more banks out there, you’ll just have to move to the next one on your list

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That’s a generic error message it doesn’t mean they have a CIFAS marker.

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then what should i do instants of that

There’s nothing you can do. Monzo have said no.

I would do this, just in case there’s something you’re not aware of

Then apply to a different bank.

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The photo states cifas at the end xox

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It says where they get their info from. Not that they have a cifas marker.


The screenshot says that they assess against a number sources that include credit references agencies and anti fraud services such as a CIFAS.

As has been discussed here literally a million times (I may be exagerating now :stuck_out_tongue: ) that message simply means Monzo won’t open an account it does NOT mean they have a CIFAS marker.


Don’t let @Anarchist catch you. :shushing_face::joy:


this might help you Virgin Money M Account | Virgin Money UK

Hello can you help me please with my opening account if you not mind please

Why not Possible to open account

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Helli need help please can you say Something please

Hello Yordanos

Welcome to the community

We will need a bit more in the way of details and context if we are able to offer anything approaching a constructive answer

Were you rejected/denied an account? If so, what was the message?

Do you have problems applying for an account?

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