Still waiting for a reply on chat

Can someone at Monzo please help? I’ve been waiting for a reply for over 48 hours on chat now. Personally I find this terrible! How can you build the bank of the future if the basics are not covered.!


Can you just check your message was sent properly?

They were replying in about an hour last night


It says sent on the app…

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Was that the start of the chat or a reply?

The last message I received said they will be in touch soon with more details… This was Tue 20th at 0850. I’ve sent two messages in the meantime with no reply and they say sent…

ah, ok. Maybe it’s still waiting for whatever team it’s been sent to, to find the details

But i’d still expect an acknowledgement of your subsequent messages, even if just to say ‘no news yet’

I’ve posted this thread in the CC channel so if there’s an issue somebody can look at it

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Just seen this thread. Seems to be an ongoing issue but not yet acknowledged.