No response in chat

I sent a message on the 24/7 chat and have no response. It is a rather urgent matter and need help as soon as possible.

Oh no! Did you flag it as urgent? If no one’s still got back to you, try giving them a ring (number on your card).

Oh that’s terrible news, you should call them (number on the card) or email them at

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Same problem here. My card is blocked and no one is replying from the chat app.
Worse still, their phone number does not work for the whole day! When you call, it just simply plays the message that they are too busy and the line is then cut. What a bank … I will hesitate using it again for sure.

That’s just terrible news it really is :frowning_face: you should email them at

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Already send the e-mail this morning! Still no reply…
The unacceptable thing is the hotline is simply unreachable, you could try calling them and see what I am saying.

Oh no that really is bad. I’d complain to erm…

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If they could not even have the manpower to answer the phone, what are the chances there are actually people reading the help e-mail :confused:

they have the manpower and there is every chance.

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Most support is done in app or by email, the phone team is smaller


Screenshot the error/notification message you are getting in the app :eyes:

Really disappointing to see Monzo like this at the moment. Phone lines should always be available to people who urgently need support. In-app chat is also failing a lot recently. I feel like it is related to them making their own system for it as it seems they are missing some chats.

They should really have people like triaging the chats and categorising them🤔


Hey guys, I have been trying to talk to someone on the chat for the past week now but I have had no response. I have sent a new message each day but can’t seem to get a response from anyone. It is a pretty urgent matter but the person I have been assigned to seems to be ignoring me!

Replies should be fast now, within a few hours. Is your chat marked as urgent?

There shouldn’t be any delays with chats any more. If you are messaging everyday it should bump up too. Try emailing or calling the number on the back of your card.