Is this really the acceptable norm?

Thank god I’m not paying a phone bill to be on hold but the wasted time has cost me a lot. Gave up waiting at 7:30am and it’s probably ruined my day now.

Still not got a response as of midday…

Hi @jph :wave:

Really sorry to see that you’ve been waiting a while :pensive:

Has anyone picked this up yet? If not, can you DM me your email address?


It seems that Monzo customer service sucks for a huge amount of people (look at the number of new topics about it on a weekly basis), but they seem to think that throwing emojis around makes everything ok and they will be forgiven.

This has been a trend for months, I guess they simply don’t care as long as customer numbers keep growing.


I think that may be a tad unfair , there are a few threads on the forum that say the Cops response sucks admittedly , maybe 20 ? maybe less / more - there are 2.8 million customers ???

What do you consider a ‘huge amount’ of Monzo Cops suck reports ? - I do agree that any Cop response over about an hour , or far less for urgent queries needs work though , but lets keep this in perspective.

But the vast majority of those won’t even be aware of this forum Ian. I appreciate it must be difficult for Monzo to scale up support given the rate at which they are acquiring new customers but I do think this needs to be looked at.


It’s interesting that other people in the threads suggest their question was asked relatively quickly. It’s like the odd query just falls through the gap and doesn’t get picked up by anybody until they complain on the forum.


Oh I agree , poor Cops isn’t acceptable , but , the usual but :slight_smile: there are what 50,000 forum members - who knows , and we do get maybe 5 bad Cops reports /week ? no idea , not counted - I would suggest that’s not a huge amount although very important for the user that gets bad service , obviously , maybe we should have a report of good Cops service , would that amount to more than 5 / week ? :man_shrugging: and that obviously wouldn’t detract from the 5 bad ones , but would give some perspective to a huge amount


More than two of an identical problem. The recurring problem Monzo has right, now as demonstrated by recent threads, is a support message getting passed from person to person who has no idea of the context or previous messages sent. That is not the COPs fault. It is the tools fault.


It’s weird. I never had this issue.

I contacted Monzo yesterday, estimated wait was 21min and someone got back to me in 15 min. After that it took them 40min to reply to my follow-up and fix the issue.

yes I agree having had the same problem a while back the system for me seems very strange and needs improvement. I actually had 5 Cops deal with my one problem over an hour, each time having to look over the previous Cops messages before dealing with the follow up question - the actual response time was fine, the system for me personally was rubbish


I’ve never had any problem with Monzo’s customer service. Its probably one of the best I have delt with!

It’s strange, I’ve had to use the in-app chat a number of times for several different issues and not once have I ever walked away from a conversation thinking “That was difficult”.

The team have always done a great job to get back to me promptly and address my issue accordingly. Even if they’ve been a little slow in getting back to me, I’m understanding as they are the focal point for support for thousands of customers on an ever-growing / changing application.

I work in customer services myself for a large IT firm and to be honest, the job the Monzo support team have to perform and the way they perform it is admirable and deserves some respect.


I was also lucky the one time I used Monzo support too but that was over a year ago I think. Now, there’s not really anything you can do after being left hanging for 12+ hours (despite being told to wait).

yes I agree , it does seem to slip through the system at times , must be terribly frustrating. I would try one more time - although its meant to be 24/7 your message was in the early hours - not an excuse by the way

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The thing that really annoyed me was not the delay (that’s fine from time to time) but being kept on tenterhooks the whole time. If they’d just said 12-24 hours that would be find, I could have got some sleep or attempted alternatives.

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Yours has obviously (?) failed to register with a Cop to pick up , the system has failed - dont know why , maybe someone from Monzo can enlighten us as to why this is happening a few times since the ‘new’ system was put in place - quite clearly from your original Cop message you have also responded and that hasn’t been picked up either @simonb

Having worked in legacy bank in RBWM I think monzo needs to remember a time and a place if you keep someone on the hook for 12 hours winding them up with responses that suggest your about to solve their issue then you need to cut the emoji’s and light talk and show some understanding and talk in a way to match the tine of the conversation.
They also need to adjust the model of linear chat. You need to give clear times of when we should check back in or alternatively switch to a live support chat with an end chat button. Or if you know it’s going to ages to sort at least say if it’s urgent call us up or if not wait 24 hours for specialist.

I think many avoid these situation but it’s right place right time.

I was in a 48hour hold with monzo due to being moved to a specialist line and being forgot about there and then not having any way of getting out because I could not contact normal support.

Works great 90% of time but if your in the 10 you seem to be helpless


I think the emoji in the follow up message are OK , the poster did say if this hasn’t been solved please DM them - that to me is a pretty good response , emojis or no emojis ??

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I’m more talking 24 hour holds, customer is clearly loosing world to live and someone goes.

Hey Ian :wave:

Sorry you had to wait a little bit, but we are here now to sort your issue 🙋

Just let me know how I can help.

I get why they do it but in my experience if I have a customer blowing a gasket I’m cutting the small talk and going with the sincere apology


I look at it as a Cop has seen this on the forum - rightly or wrongly :man_shrugging: ( see what I did there :slight_smile: ) and has tried to help if the original message hadn’t been dealt with yet - the guy didn’t know if it had been dealt with and was trying to help, I have no problem with that at all including emojis , in fact I applaud his effort , I do have a problem with the wait in app from the original message though as already mentioned