Statement opinion plus print option

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You may want to expand on that a little. Are you looking to export and print a kind of traditional monthly paper statement for a specific purpose?

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I agree with the option to print out but not sure why a ‘traditional’ statement would be needed? You have an update running balance at all times.


A traditional statement is needed for those of our Self Employment factoring into our income, and for those of us who have to do a self-assessment.

Heck it’s needed for anyone to do things like a Mortgage Application.

So long term, I think its vital an ‘official’ transaction via PDF (with maybe the option of a printed/posted one at a small charge) or something similar is vital.


Yes I am looking for a traditional statement

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I would also be interested in seeing functionality to export monthly “statements” as a PDF, with several options (send via email, save to Dropbox :package:) available directly from the app.

Edit: It seems that this functionality is already being developed.


@charlie for me the really cool integration with Dropbox is not even an “Export” button but an active integration that would create a “Mondo” folder on your Dropbox drive where all your statements are always there, fully updated waiting for you. It sounds like a hackathon project :slight_smile:


That’s a much better option. Takes another bit of management out of the equation and ensures you have what you need.

Awesome idea @hugo! When is the next #mondohack?

Hey @charlie, we’re not sure yet :slight_smile: We want to focus on getting the API and our platform stable and ready to launch as a full bank and so we probably won’t have another hackathon in the very near future while we put as much time and resources in to that as we can – the hackathons are awesome but they take up an incredible amount of time. Don’t forget you can still get full access to the API now through though :slight_smile: As soon as we decide on the next one, you guys will be the first to know – this is still a key focus!

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Another vote for PDF statements. iCloud Drive integration would be nice for those of us who don’t use Dropbox.


Wouldn’t mind one like Revolut has :slight_smile:

What does revolut have?

A data export from Revolut looks something like this.


ew. That really looks awful. Why would anyone want that?

Got to have something to hand over when the lawyers are demanding paper statements of all your accounts! :upside_down:

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OK, looks pretty standard really.

Pretty slandered it’s a bank statement of course we would want one :slight_smile:

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The option to export a ‘traditional’ monthly statement is the only thing stopping me from using Monzo. Many institutions require traditional statements - for example proof of identity, mortgage applications etc. A statement between the traditional month start/end dates with the opening and closing balance would be ideal. There needs to be compatibility with these archaic institutions. Unfortunately most of them haven’t caught up with modern technology yet!
Please do PDF export! :slight_smile:


Statements are important (& I’m sure Monzo are working on them).

But to be fair, you statement doesn’t need to have any transactions on it (& you can’t use Monzo as your current account now) so why not keep your bank’s current account for statements & fund your Monzo card from it?