PDF statement for individual payments / transactions

Pdf statement for invidual payments


Interesting idea. I’m curious about the reason you’d like this. For expenses claims?

It can be handy to show Pryor if payment when doing a payment. NatWest I believe have this in the mobile banking app.

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This has been mentioned before and would be a good idea as I pointed out previously.


Agreed, Natwest do this too.

I used to forward the PDF (via iMessage or email) as confirmation of payment. You could just screenshot the Monzo transaction, but this isn’t very ‘proper’.

PDF transaction statements would be a good addition to Monzo :monzo:


Yes. It is handy in numerous use cases.


Any update on that? :drooling_face:

It is a feature that every once in a while you do need - e.g. estate agents often asked for such a statement to show that the deposit/rent/etc. was paid.

Revolut makes a good job of simply having a ‘Statement’ button which generates a single page PDF with the transaction details (works on incoming and outgoing funds as well as currency exchanges). :page_facing_up:

:monzo: is a great bank for most day-to-day usage. It prompts to ‘Make Monzo my main account’ but it is these (wrote about a few in other posts) small but significant details that make the 100% commitment so far impossible. :disappointed:

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Hi @Aleanthor ,

I beilive if you ask in app support they can generate this for you even though the option isn’t there within the app. I’m sure they or someone else can confirm though :slight_smile:


RBS app has this too its very useful! Would be cool to see this in I agree. As @Jackcrwhitney says customer support should be able to help you out!


Just messaged them and we will see. Would be good to not waste their time for such trivial matters :wink:


Hi there @glasgow and @Jackcrwhitney, :grinning:

Sadly, customer support can’t help there. :disappointed_relieved: That’s their response:

So, for now, I will have to keep using another bank to pay my rent and some other malicious fees. :money_with_wings:

It is one of many ‘little’ things which make it so far impossible for :monzo: being my sole banking solution. I wrote about those in a few articles - maybe it would be a good idea to have a list? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Best, AT


Out of interest what effect does it have displaying a few extra transactions?
Surely setting it to a day and giving that export as proof would still be accepted?

Hopefully they create a big list Version 2 and includecsontging like this in that :slight_smile:


I’m sure it might be accepted but there is a lot more info on the Monzo daily statement that I am willing to share.

:monzo: daily balance in comparison to a ‘payment confirmation’:

  • has balance info
  • has a list of all transaction on the day (not something I want to share in most cases)
  • has total outgoing & incoming
  • does not have the ‘Reference’ used for the faster payment


Had to do some retractions to post on a public forum

Indeed, I can do retractions to send via email the daily statement but that means:
a) I cannot do it solely on my phone (I don’t have an app for that)
b) it is way more hassles than competitors

Best, AT


Is it a statement you really want or the Barclays style payment confirmation page with references? I can definitely see the the second being very useful, to tap on a payment and get something like that you could download or screen shot


It’s very useful being able to have a pdf payment confirmation/single transaction!


A Barclays style payment confirmation or a Revolut style single transaction statement - the name here doesn’t really matter. Simply something which shows the single transaction without giving balance info.

I’m sorry but a screenshot look very unprofessional.


Didn’t mean the screenshot as the only option, just to have it formatted in such a way that it would fit on the screen to give an extra option to those who wanted it


Cool that makes sense I can see why what you want would be really useful. Hopefully it’s something that can be added at some point.


I’ve asked this before but the thread seemed to lose traction.

Would anyone else like to be able to upload PDF attachments as receipts to transactions? It’s so simple but really useful, especially given that this is the type of receipt you will receive for most major purchases nowadays.


Hi @GuitarXTreme I’ve moved your post over to here as it’s been asked about very recently so just makes sure it’s all kept together for Monzo to review!