Alex yes you make a good point. I guess I just want all my transactions in one place, or as few places as possible…

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I see, I do have a split between my direct debits & Monzo transactions now too but that’s it, Monzo get’s the rest of my spend :slight_smile:

Please allow a statement function.

I (like many) in the UK work through my own limited company. I need to submit statements as part of tax reporting. It would be great to be able to import the Monzo statement into an online accounting program such as Xero.

I would like to use Monzo for 100% of my purchases in the future but for now I am conscious of the difficulty of getting the transaction records out of Monzo for business (or personal) tax returns.

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AFAIK Monzo aren’t intending to support business use (beyond already existing expenses categorisation). Probably will integrate with HMRC for those who aren’t enrolled with PAYE amongst other reasons. Third party services, such as Xero might integrate with Monzo.

For business banking Monzo recommends a new startup called Tide. As a disclaimer for transparency purposes, they are funded by the same primary investor as Monzo, which is Passion Capital.

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We’ve just finished setting up an account with Tide. Lots of potential I think.

Has taken us about 3 weeks. Might be a bit faster for other people though?

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Some thoughts on statements. We need more than a monthly PDF.

So if Monzo is an interactive App why do we need statements? Well the first thing to remember is that the Monzo now is not the final product. The aim is to become a current account with all the volume of transactions which that entails. At least six years of transactions will need to be held (statute of limitations and the need to meet HMRC requirements). This could be many hundreds of transactions so mobile only won’t cut it. Some form of transaction export will be necessary.

As has been mentioned third parties such as mortgage companies may need to confirm your income and expenditure over a period. Giving them direct access to all your Monzo data is not what we want but direct income and expenditure validation could offer benefits.

A facility to provide authenticable data about your transactions to chosen third parties could therefore be valuable. Allowing you to access and analyse historic transactions is also clearly necessary.

Access to transaction data via an API may be a solution but is still currently just a concept. Shaping the transaction data API to enable chosen third parties to access certain data they need and you agree while giving you unrestricted access to download / export and analysis all of your transaction data will be key.

How Monzo approaches statement data will be interesting and a potential competitive advantage. Just issuing a fixed format PDF is hardly the best solution though.

To reconcile the running balance is correct…

Eg mine still isnt… weeks after being told it would be fixed in a week or two.

I’m sure there’s lots of interesting things that can be done but unless I’m missing something obvious, isn’t a “fixed format PDF” the top priority? A monthly statement like this is no different than what all the legacy banks offer and as mentioned, is vital for many things.
Likely the future but my mortgage company wants big-standard statements and I think I’d get some confused looks if I offered them unrestricted monzo api access to my account :slight_smile:


I’m so close to moving all of my wife and I’s spending over to Monzo and last weekend i went to to log in and download my previous transactions. I didn’t get very far.

Now, maybe this was just me assuming, but it seems like as a very minimum some kind of desktop login/access to transaction history should be provided, presumably Monzo need at least this to think of yourselves as a bank?

There’s two ways you can get to your complete transaction history right now, if you’re on iOS you can use the search feature & then export the data as a CSV or QIF file.

You can also use the API to fetch the entire history but obviously that data needs to be reformatted - & again, this would be easiest to format as a spreadsheet - before it can be used.

Perhaps if you ask the support team, they can provide a ‘proper’ statement…please do let us know what they say, if you ask.

And maybe the web view will be built into the site that’s about to be developed too -

Oh yeh - seems like they’re on the case. I’m on Android but yeh I had had the thought of trying to do something with the API, I am no developer but there might actually be a way of doing something with Zapier/IFTTT and Google Docs?!

It will be vital to have a monthly transaction statement which can be sent to its customers with a stamp from Monzo showing the amount of money in the persons card. This can also help foreigners with out a bank account obtain or apply for Visa to visit countries. Monzo prepaid card is also a travel card at the end of the day. It will become more popular if it is accepted as an alternative of a bank statements at the embassy.

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Fortunately Monzo will be providing statements for the current accounts :tada:

Hello I’m trying to apply for a monzo card and app but when it decided’s to take a picture of my documents the camera quality becomes very blur and can’t capture the details on the passport please what can I do ? I need urgent help because I want to start using the monzo card and app as soon as I can

What phone are you using? Is autofocus disabled?

Hey @Lucavelly So sorry for the trouble you’re seeing here! If you get in touch with us through the in app chat, or by emailing we can get this all sorted for you :slightly_smiling_face:


It would be great if the new current account has a feature where you could generate monthly statements in a PDF? Showing exchange rate etc. This would make work expenses ideal and saves posting out printed statements. Is there any intent to deliver such a feature?

PDF statement exports are planned for the future:

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The topic of paper statements is being discussed in the thread linked above.