PDF statements per transaction

Perhaps it’s just me, but it’s a problem I find myself encountering every now and then. When it doesn’t happen, it’s fine. But when it does happen, it becomes a bit frustrating. :expressionless:

The core problem is that other parties do not always trust screenshots of bank apps such as Monzo and believe that a paper statement of the same transaction is the right way (especially abroad).

I’ve seen a thread like this before, so perhaps I’m going against the guidelines by creating it again.

If any social proof adds to the equation, Revolut and other high-street banks already do it.

Thank you!

You can get a PDF already.

In the Home tab, pull down the transaction list and, under the image of your bank card, click Account.

Scroll down to Statement History, you can get monthly PDFs there.

You can’t get a PDF for a single transaction though.

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This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here: