Monthly Statement

(J) #1

One thing I would like to see is a monthly statement emailed as a pdf file so that it could be printed out and used as proof of address.

Is this likely to happen when the current account is rolled out to everyone.

(Hugh) #2

You can request a output of your transactions from COPs via the in app chat.

I believe Monzo are also able to provide “authenticated” copies for stuff like proof of address.

(Keri) #3

I would like to see this too - although would be happy to download it as and when I needed it. Wouldn’t want it to be emailed. There is definitely a need for a bank statement in some instances, like applying for a mortgage etc.

(Simon B) #4

I’m happy to confirm that this is something we’re working on for the full current account launch :slight_smile:

(MikeF) #5

Oh, interesting.

I need such things so rarely even now but it would be beneficial to have access to if required.

In these days of online and PDF billing, all of the old requirements for “original documents only” have really taken a beating.


Monthly statements and functionality that plugs into something like

(Adam) #7

the idea would be OneDox plugs into Monzo via their APIs… You’d have to speak to OneDox about support for :monzo:


Yes. Thank you. I know.


There’s a waiting list for Monzo support in Onedox which you can join here

They’ve also got a Transparent Product Roadmap.


Thanks for that info, @Christophorus :+1: