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(Only available in amateur ) #674

I remember because I suggested it could be the reason and was quickly shot down :zipper_mouth_face: :grin:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #675

Did indeed, Nick - excellent account, very measured whilst saying it like it is. This blog post would be well placed on both forums (if it’s not already).

Well done. You can comfortably take the rest of the day off (though you probably won’t :grinning:).

(Alex Meijer) #676

with both starling and monzo I cannot get my salary get paid into my account (EUR)
I like the “budget” of monzo.

Still looking for another bank (N26 UK maybe?)

Revolut i’m still testing out

(Andre Borie) #677

TransferWise Borderless account? Quite basic (some might say boring) in comparison to Monzo but reliable and easy to use.

( #678

I’ve been under the impression it was that for ages. I wonder what it really is then.

(Alex Sherwood) #679



Doesn’t that imply it IS due to the vetting of images?

(Alex Sherwood) #681

That was my interpretation yes.


@Rat_au_van, good job I didn’t edit my blog! :joy:

@alexs, thanks for spotting the typo - it was done on the iPad so I’m quite happy there aren’t many more!

(Only available in amateur ) #683

I’m off to hunt down the reply I was given

(Only available in amateur ) #684

Found it! But I misremembered the exact context. Sorry :pensive: I’d asked if it was the COps would see the image and that was what was replied to, not the overall question. My bad

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #685

Was it denied? This post certainly seems to imply that.

Was that the post you were searching for @nickh?

Edit: Ah @alexs got to it first.

(Jack) #686

I’ve recently noticed some screenshots that appear to include a camera icon for choosing a photo for a pot. The most recent one below:

It appears it’s in the works :camera_flash:

(Marcel Ruhf) #687

Oh nice - would have made a nice surprise (if you hadn’t spotted it) :smile:

(Jack) #688

I’ll keep it to myself next time :zipper_mouth_face: :grin:

(Andy Barnes) #689

Random question, as I’m terrible at working out interest! Is that calculation right? Surely if you’re only putting the last £150 in in December you wouldn’t get 1.2% on everything? That suggests that over the year I save £1800, and right at the end, the interest is applied? Or have I lost the plot.

I know these are WIP, but just curious as will help me when working out interest in the future. :slight_smile:


My quick calculations would suggest that the images are wrong - But I am by no means an expert.

I’d ignore the actual figures, as I don’t think they gave it much thought (intentionally).

(Andy Barnes) #691

Cool. I’ll ignore. Thanks for the heads up. Some online calculator suggests it’d be closer to £1811.70.


Yeah, as you said initially, someone has just done a quick calculation on 1.2% of £1800 - Which is fair enough (but wrong).

I believe you’d receive £11.74 interest for the year - But again, I’m no expert on this!

(Alex Meijer) #693

they still charge money to transfer from EUR -> GBP