Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

(Mega Charizard) #39

Ok to be fair that marketplace idea is good now that I read that you’d only deal with Monzo. If that works out like that then that would solve my problem with not wanting to deal with another company.

(Dean C) #40

I whole heartedly agree with this. I want a regular deposit to go into a pot and a regular DD take from that same pot. With the usual money management tools also applied to the pot e.g. targets, £ too short or £ over. I also agree with the other comment about a spare change pot. Round up to the nearest £ and put the change in a savings pot. Much like that other ‘investment’ app does except they charge fund fees that exceed your profits. Great work Monzo.

(Sam) #41

Would love to be able to add notes to Pots as just another small way of helping me organise!

(Jennifer) #43

Not sure if I am missing something but is there some way to see a breakdown of when you have added money and how much to a pot. I’ve started adding my ‘leftovers’ each month to a pot but would like to be able to see what was added in Jan/Feb etc rather than just a total. I’m using Android if that makes any difference

(Ben Green) #44

Not sure on Android as I know the search function is somewhat limited in comparison, but on iOS you can just search by the name of the pot.

That’ll list everything going in and out. Unfortunately I couldn’t see how to only list the deposits.

(Richard Cook) #45

Hey again everyone! Thanks for the feedback so far. Here’s some comments from us.

You might want to check out the work we’re doing on Redesigning Spending. Goals will fit more into that than Pots.

We definitely want to do this. There are some tricky edge cases to consider, but it’s in our plans. So, watch this space :eyes:

And this fits in with…

Or, as lots of you have requested, rules for Pots.

This is something we’re definitely interested in looking into. Whether that’s a very simple “if-this-then-that” approach letting you set up custom rules, or more advanced options for setting up standing order arrangements, we’re exploring all approaches.

Rules for Pots is still under Medium Term on the Roadmap. And we feel that’s still accurate.

Likewise, Direct Debits coming out of Pots would be great. We think there’s huge potential there to help with your day-to-day budgeting. We’d want to do as much of this as smartly (or ‘magically’) as possible, by identifying your recurring payments. So stay tuned.

FYI, we previously worked on this as an FCA Hackathon a while back:

We’re not planning to increase the number of Pots you can have. We’d have to figure out a new solution to handle this in the UI.

But maybe you could let us know what you’d like them for? We’d love to hear your particular use case.

Probably not. Hosting custom images opens up quite a few new complications. (Do we let you upload ANY image as a Pot?). If we were interested, we’d rather increase the number of default options or integrate with some kind of library instead.

This isn’t a priority at the moment. But we’re open to the idea of sorting options (by value, most recently added, etc.)

We’re thinking about it. But there’s nothing to announce.

One thing we’re thinking about is having control over the permissions for your Pots, and then sharing them with other people. Eg. you could have a Pot that other people only have “Read & Write” access to, so they could see it and add money, but not withdraw it. There’s a ton of possible use cases for these, so we’ll see what we can come up with…

Agreed! We’ll try to fix that soon.

We think that’d be neat. Having to withdraw to your main balance to re-add to another Pot isn’t ideal.

We wouldn’t do this. We’d need to create new bank accounts for each Pot, which would mean a lot of work on your side. We want Pots to be easy to set up and start using right away.

Again, we don’t have immediate plans to add Interest. But locked Pots is something we could look into.

We’d love to hear more about this. Right now, the name of the Pot is meant to be how you keep it organised. What kind of notes would you be interested in adding?

Not right now. But rather than having some kind of feed for Pots, try using the Search in your main feed and looking up the Pot’s name. That should give you a list of all the money you’ve added or taken out of a Pot.

I hope that gives you some idea of where we’re at with Pots. There’s not much to announce just yet, but we’re excited about the possibilities for the future.

Right now, we’re still mainly focussed on the current account (things like CASS) and the Overdraft. Pots are still on our Roadmap though, and we’re got some very cool things coming very soon. So keep an eye out…

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(Simon) #46

It does, although I will need to change its name since typing Bills shows all transactions categorised as Bills as well as pot transactions.
Anyone know an alternate shirt word for Bills?

(Ben Green) #47

I also have a Bills pot and just tried to rename it to ”:tired_face:”. Seemingly we can rename it whatever we want but that doesn’t me it’ll be searchable. Emoji’s aren’t apparently.

Edit… Actually they should be as I’ve added emojis as notes to my transaction and searching with :gift: returns all my gift purchases.

(Nick) #48

No need to host the image, just let the user choose to display one held on their mobile device. With fallback the default hosted image if they delete the image off their mobile phone, or log in to their account from a different device that doesn’t have the image on it.

Granted, there might be other issues with this approach - but there’s no uploading and no hosting needed.

(Ben Green) #49

Or even hosted via a third party (e.g. Google Photos, Flickr, Facebook, etc) or just from any publicly accessible image URL. There wouldn’t even need to a size restriction imposed as the request would be handled by the user’s device and Monzo doesn’t really need to know what image we’re using.

(Patrick) #50

Why is hosting a problem? We can already add receipts as images onto transactions? :thinking:

(Richard Cook) #51

Sorry, I should have been clearer. It’s not the hosting so much as we’d need to think about a few things. What if someone wanted to add a picture of something really graphic as their Pots image? Should we allow that, or do we have controls?

Either way, we hear you. And it’s something we’ll continue to think about.

(Peter Roberts) #52

They can already do that with a receipt. How is this different / why is it blocking in terms of pots but not receipts?

(Mega Charizard) #53

Yes the points been made but I could theoretically put the most extreme image on the receipt part so logic would say either remove receipt images or allow pot images as it is a request quite a few of your customers would like. I’d imagine a fairly simple process too though I am not a developer. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for the people who work on the app development.

Maybe just to please customers with small things whilst awaiting more important features such as CASS and addressing Joint Claim. Just so it feels like customer feedback is important.

When in reality the pictures for pots is a more important feature than say CASS as I love how Monzo works for me it’d be nice for me to put some extra personality in it.

(Ben Green) #54

While I do agree with most of your comment, we have to look at it quite pragmatically. I’d like custom pot images but it’s not the end if the world without them, whereas the CASS will make an enormous difference to the onboarding process for both new users and those still not upgraded.

(Terry) #55

That’s ashame :frowning: It’s something I would love to see, for Starling I have a few goals setup and you can use custom images and its nice to see what I am saving up for, for example, I’m going on a cruise at the end of the year, so I have a picture of the ship I am sailing on, I’m also saving for a Tesla Model 3 so have a picture of that particular car as my goal. Hopefully it’s something Monzo will reconsider at a later date, more pictures are needed though as I struggle to find a suitable image to match my pot / goal and I think the plain coloured ones look a bit dull. :grin:

(Ben Green) #56

If you’re already hosting images with AWS then it should be fairly simple to integrate with the image recognition and moderation service. This would allow the possibilities us performing a tag based search for public images rather than being limited to the pre-defined Monzo selection.

I understand it’s not a pressing issue but just thought I’d add my voice to the matter for when it does come up the list of priorities.

(Hussein Bharmal) #57

The idea of pots and some of the suggested features suggested will make it very useful. However, the design and interface for the pots screen is terrible! I would suggest a complete overhaul and really think about making the best of screen space.

  1. Most users of pots will have more the one pot, to be able to see all of them without scrolling would be great pots.

  2. what use is the picture really? If it was within the background and within it you saw the name, balance and have the actions of editing/add/withdraw (actions) then I get it but at the moment it’s a really inconvenience pushing me away from pots

  3. Consolidated view + targets. If pots is a short term saving towards a purchase, eg new phone or holiday. Then for the instant see a graphic against the targets will be great. Also with the data you have, in the example of buying a new phone, how great would it be to link the target to the phone purchase site to feed you price information

  4. Maybe also have community pots ? Use case: if I’m doing a charity run and would like to raise money I would love to be able to send a link out to the pot where my sponsors could pay into.



Sorry if already requested in this thread.
I’d like to see pot-specific statements and pulse, and to be able to automate deposits and withdrawals.

(Ben Green) #59

Mostly some really great point there and I’d like to see them implemented as well.

However, I’m a little on the fence with this one as I like the idea of display the pot information overlaid onto the image but it might get in the way of the motivational feeling if the pot is for a savings goal. I think Squirrel has implemented it fairly well and as they say

It’s easy to create personalised savings pots for all the things you might want to save for. You can add your own names and pictures to savings and set goals and track progress - proven ways of staying motivated about your saving