While I wait for my Monzo Business Account

While I get to receive the chance for opening a business account with Monzo, has anybody have a recommendation about Starling Bank :no_mouth:, as I need to open a business account, I wont mind switching at a later stage to Monzo.


There’s a whole topic on Starling feedback here :slight_smile:

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I haven’t used Starling but I’m sure they’re fine.

Tide works nicely, they’ve ironed out most of their early bugs, the app is nice and it has a great web interface. I’ve also signed up for CountingUp, Coconut and Anna, but they all felt very amateur compared to Tide.

I’ve mainly used Natwest though, which is also ‘fine’. Obviously legacy, but their app is pretty stable and the only thing I really missed compared to my Monzo personal account was notifications when payments come in.

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Yes, thats one of the things I really like from Monzo. But still waiting to get my invite for the business account. I didnt wanted to have to open another account and closing it later, but I guess I will have to as I dont know how fast/slowly my time on the waiting list will be.

It’s handy to have another as a spare - I kept my Natwest account open so I could deposit cash or cheques easily, then transfer over to Monzo once deposited.

checked tide, but they charged for transfers in and out from another bank. so that was a bit disappointing.

I have two business accounts. One with Tide one with Starling. My favourite thing about Starling is they have a really good Freeagent integration (my accounting software) . Tide also charges for bank transfers as mentioned above which is kinda annoying but the nature of my business means it only comes to <£1 per month.

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Throwing Coconut into the ring. Seems to have good feedback generally.


Revolut have a free tier to their business accounts


Revolut isn’t a regulated bank and has a history of randomly closing accounts. I have a personal account with them that I use every now and then, but I would never use them as my primary business bank account.

@OP: I’d honestly recommend just checking out the traditional banks for business usage while you wait. Barclays and HSBC both have a 1.5-2 year period of free banking when you transfer to them. Either works well.