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(Kyle Risi) #694

Everything you said is true for me too. Also all the things you need will come in time, with the added bonus of being apart of the journey getting there. Voicing ideas and seeing them come to life week on week is exciting to me. I love this collaboration between the community and the product team. This is the reason I chose Monzo over Starling.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #695

Monzo, any chance that, as a bank, when you show pictures with actual real maths involved you can get someone who can do the sums to double check the figures please?

It looks ridiculous that a real-life bank doesn’t understand how to demonstrate compound interest on regular savings.

(Alex Sherwood) #696

You’re overthinking it in my opinion, the numbers are there for illustrative purposes & everyone knows that the Making Monzo account is for sharing incomplete functionality. There was another preview that showed a 404 in the app during a flow :man_shrugging:

I’d rather see a preview than have Monzo waste time making things look pretty / not share the preview because there’s flaws.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #697

Personally, I think the developers are still representing a real bank. It takes two minutes to ask someone in the office to check the figures. I’d expect any organisation to get basic maths correct on any publicity channel.

The developers were attempting to demonstrate how interest calculation would look. To me, they do actually need to get the calculation right.


If I had to actually think about it - I’m torn.

On the one hand, it only took me 2 seconds to google it, find a compound interest calculator and work out the figures.

On the other… I appreciate them putting out sneak peaks, and if they were hesitant to release future sneak peaks because of figures (appreciate Monzo is a bank, but these guys are designers and marketers who are doing this), I’d be disappointed if they stopped completely.

It would almost be better to remove the figures, or replace them with clearly incorrect figures (eg. £12345).

Someone has tried to work it out, and done it incorrectly - It’s not a biggie for me, but if someone has to ask “is this correct”, because it is “close”, then perhaps it’s something to consider for future.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #699

Would love to see @hugo’s reaction if the developers used a random Google Image debit card in a mock-up.

(Hugo Cornejo) #700

This is one of those “mistakes” that comes back again from time to time and something I’ve changed my mind over time.

On the one hand, yes, it is trivial to check our figures match up and ideally every design file should always contain “real” information (the numbers should add up, the merchants and their maps should make sense, etc. etc.).

On the other hand though design doesn’t happen linearly. When a designer is mocking up a feature like this they don’t have the benefit of seeing the whole picture as it finally will be. Instead they need to create and destroy pieces while moving elements around until everything makes sense. It’s only during that process when numbers tend to get messed up before something is considered “final”. This screenshot has been taken during that period (hence the WIP badge on the top right corner of each screen) so please think about it like those early renders of animated films… it’s close to the real thing but not quite there yet.

PS: There’s also an exception when sometimes we use fake numbers intentionally just to ensure larger amounts will fit on screen, etc. but that wasn’t this case in particular :slight_smile:

( #701

That camera icon was there originally. Many of us thought it meant we could upload a picture.

(Stephen Brinda) #702

I’m just happy I’ve got a bank that works .that amount of hassle I had with high street banks was unreal.
Not fussed about apple pay or Fitbit pay (no point for me, I’d lose the phone) don’t need a joint account…just need a bank that’s safe reliable and great CS. Monzo ticks all the boxes…wages go in, bills go out. People like to complicate things and want services that nobody wants or needs. Monzo keeps it simple and I like that.

(Kyle Risi) #703

Hi Team,

Just curious as to some of the reasons you guys may have picked Monzo over Starling. I love Monzo, love what they stand for and the community and love being apart of the ride as Monzo builds “Monzo” from MVP to beyond. But I feel like maybe I should give Starling a chance since they have been around longer and seem more established.

Anyone tried out Starling then jumped to Monzo? What made you come?

(Andy) #704

For me I prefer the app, the offering and the general way the monzo, @tom and the team conducts themselves and how they interact with the customer.

There’s quite an active thread on this already which you might want to check out for more detailed insight -

(Stephen Brinda) #705

I tried applying for a starling account , but turned me down for not having right i.d (even though I had driving license and did a video) while monzo took me on straight away. Banks are a fool to themselves, they trust no-one. So I’m staying with monzo :+1:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #706

Hi Kyle

In fact Monzo has been around longer, though their current account was launched this year rather than last, in the case of Starling.

Edit: see below for the truth - apologies. (The rest stands though :grinning:). Thanks @iansilversides

You’ll find a whole host of threads comparing and contrasting the two banks and for that reason, I won’t go into the analysis.

And indeed why wouldn’t you? That way you get see for yourself and in truth, there’s no reason you can’t run both concurrently - many do. Have fun with both - you’ll certainly find plenty to talk about on this and Starling’s forum. :grinning:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #707

hmm debatable - edit -" the founders of Monzo "left Starling , so presumably Starling - or whatever it was called in embryo form , was in existence for them to leave :slight_smile: - but I agree why not run both :slight_smile:

they both got their banking licences with restrictions at around the same time

(Andy) #708

Starling was incorporated as possible fs Ltd on 18/06/14
Monzo was incorporated as focus fs Ltd on 18/02/15

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #709

Barclays back in 1690 :slight_smile: - so impressive what both of these “new” banks have achieved in around 3 years ,long may they continue to shake up the industry

(Andy) #710

Indeed! Certainly helping give the industry a shake!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #711

Ah, thanks for that. On reflection, I suppose I was comparing current account activity. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ben) #712

Barclays have had 300 years and their app is still terrible!

(Ben) #713

I used Starling for a bit after a friend introduced me, maybe used it for a solid month of “incidental” use.

What I did like:

  • The digital card number you can use from within the app (not sure if that’s the same as the physical card)
  • Interest (albeit very small)

Didn’t like:

  • Their tone of voice and general interactions with their Customer services. (and Monzo feels more natural)
  • The layout of the “home” part of the app - more swiping than needed to get into the detail.

Other bits:

  • A lot of it is very comparable, but overall I just liked Monzo better. I would have probably stuck with them if I didn’t get customer service snark when I had an issue.
  • I do like the Marketplace bit - though I haven’t actually used it, the idea seems reasonable.