✨ Spring cleaning: making it easier to manage your account & see Pots payments

Hey folks :wave:

We’ve been doing a spot of spring cleaning in the app, and I wanted to give you a sneak peek before it goes live for everyone!

We’ve been thinking about two broad questions: how can we make things more visible and easier to use and how can we make room for new features and functionality on our most loved feature: Pots.

On making things more visible and easier: top of that list is finding basic information, like your account number and sort code. We heard that one loud and clear!

Trying to find my account number and sort code has become more difficult. I used to drag the cards down and it would appear at the top!

— Aaron Woodrow (@Wazaldinho) September 10, 2020

Every time I try and find my account details, I feel like I’m trying to find them for the first time. I couldn’t tell you where I’d look for them even now.

— MJP (@mrmjprice) September 10, 2020

@monzo Hey Monzo, why have you moved my account details in the app? It's really hard to find now!

— Gemma Rosie (@gemma_rosie_) October 20, 2020

And on making room for new features and functionality for Pots, you’ve had tonnes of ideas:

So we’ve built something we think (a) makes it easier to manage your account quickly, and (b) gives us more room to build some of those new things for Pots.

We’re introducing two new tabs to accounts (personal, joint and business) and Pots. They’re called “Feed” and “Manage”, and they look like this:

At the moment, we keep account details and settings behind the drawer, underneath your card, in the blue circular buttons. We think that bringing them front and centre makes it easier and quicker to grab (and copy!) your account details, manage your account or check your overdraft.

The blue buttons will also stay for now, but over time we’ll remove them.

You’ve given us loads of ideas for how we can improve Pots, and we think splitting them into “Feed” and “Manage” gives us lots of room to try out some neat new things with them this year.

Starting with the feed means you’ll be able to see your payments in and out of your Pots. Before now, we only showed you some key information for each Pot – which was fine, but we think a full feed gives you even more visibility. Of course, having a feed for Pots might come in handy for some of the suggestions you’ve made in the past… :eyes:

For now, the information that you currently see in a Pot’s drawer will live in the Manage tab. But we’ll change that soon, too – you’ll be able to edit your Pot directly from the Manage tab, for example. And, having a dedicated Manage tab gives us room and flexibility to add more features and controls for your accounts and Pots, too.

The feed and manage tabs will roll out slowly over the next month or so – so you might not see yours immediately!


Well well well :eyes:

Obviously excited to try this, and will share feedback then, but it certainly looks like a neat update!

Edit: not trying to jinx anything but really seems like the whole team is doing a great job at updating and fixing various parts of the app rn.


Personally I didn’t mind where the card details were before but this change makes sense.

Great job :+1:


This is a great update :+1:


Welcome improvements,

I did always find myself having to stop and think if I needed to go into the blue account button, or just pull down entirely on the feed fo find what I needed.

This should go some way to rectifying that.


Same as my Barclays app then:

Transactions and Manage

Interested to see Pots development though

While I like the change for pots, and as @Jackcrwhitney says, it will also make things more straightforward to find, my only concern is that this will push the feed further down and on devices with small screens you’ll have barely any usable space left before you have to swipe wildly

When I have lots of scheduled payments I already can’t see my feed


Would massively support these being collapsible. Really does destroy the utility of the feed for a number of days at a time each month.


I suffer this leading up to Pay Day, as I have one coming in, then 20 scheduled out :roll_eyes:


Oh dear, I totally feel your pain. Good news is that it’s on our radar and we’ve already explored a few different solutions to make it better, leave it with us :slight_smile:


Oh my :flushed:


Hugo! :clap::clap::clap:


15 pots, 2 legacy, 3 regular savers

Edit: Tell a lie, it’s actually 22 as 5 RS. Just counted them again


This is my greatest concern with Monzo’s layout too. And why I think it needs a much bigger rethinking than just further cluttering. Even though the extra clutter adds some much needed order to complexity, we’re just losing too much screen real estate in order to accommodate them into an already top-heavy ornamented interface. Addressing that with a more compact approach ought to be the next priority to better accommodate UI changes like this.

Nice to @hugo address that somewhat, though my concern is they’ll try to improve this by focusing on those upcoming transactions rather than compacting the unnecessarily intrusive interface above the feed.

With that out of the way, any change that brings greater order and clarity to the app gets a thumbs up from me! Especially if that means things are easier to find and in a place you expect.


Where has your flair gone Hugo :cry: Have you left but are still working on stuff? :confused:

Looking forward to this! Will I still get / be able to see this update in the TestFlight app?


Not just because the update gives a much better user experience but because this feels like the old days of Monzo - lots of staff visibility in the forum, responding to forum requests, and actually updating the app (in a non-Plus/Premium way).

So :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:


solved :wink:


I wouldn’t say it’s “ornamented” (I believe everything we show in app is functional and has good reasons behind) but I do agree with the overall feedback that depending on the size of your phone our “frame” becomes thicker than your “picture”, which is bad.

We’re planning on shaving quite a bit of vertical space with a couple future changes so that should alleviate some of that pain. Watch this space!


Excellent! Look forward to seeing this come to fruition! :grin: