Sorting Pots

Hi Team, I’ve been using Monzo for around a year now as a budgeting aid and I’m absolutely loving it.

I was just reading up on salary sorter and bills pots as I’m currently waiting for my current account switch to complete.

Then I thought it would be pretty cool if users of the app could re-order their pots (excluding the “current account”), by simply clicking and holding a pot and then dragging it up/down to it’s new position.

You can via monzo labs… Just found this out myself today

Only on android, not available on iOS yet


It will be on iOS in the next few weeks. With Apple they have rules in when you can post updates into the App Store over Christmas

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In a display of iOS/Android parity, there have been no Android updates in the same period either.

Happy holidays! :two::zero::two::zero: :tada:


That’s not the problem. Apple proves stuff fairly quickly, usually around 3 days although the company I work for gets it back usually within a day now. The issue was they only developed on Android last cycle, not both platforms.

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Still no sign of sortable pots functionality yet…

This is in labs for Android, but not yet available for iOS:

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Great but no fix for those who don’t have a joint account!

I think you’ve misread how it works. Why not try it and report back.

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