New UI for Pots - Any advice

Hey all, loving the new UI in Monzo, I love a refresh, excites my tech brain!

But… the new UI on Pots has actually made it harder for me and I’m not sure if there is an easier way. Every month I send money to the pots as budgets and then pay my regular payments from those pots (wish Monzo could pay regular withdrawals as well as SO’s and DD’s but there we go)

Throughout the month I would scroll through the pots list and it would show me on one scroll my Left to Pay so I could see whether I could take some out of my pots or needed to put more in. Now I have to click into each pot individually and back out of it into the next pot. I’ve gone from one scroll to each account to 2/3 clicks in and out. Doesn’t sound a lot but it’s not as easy or as quick as before and that breaks my brain a little. I work in tech myself and spend my life looking to ‘less clicks’ and efficiencies so it is more blatant to me maybe. Anyone else found this or have an alternative way?



Hi Sara - how do you mean on one scroll it would show you your left to spend?

Do you mean that you could see all of your pots that you use to pay for things, and quickly glance at them to understand what’s left to come out?

If so, I had the same issue, but they recently introduced displaying pots as a list, rather than images. If you click the 3 dots in the pots section, and then “View as list” it’ll display them similar to the old UI.

Hope that’s helpful!


Thanks Dan. I’ve tried both and can’t get it back to how I used it before. When you could scroll between accounts and pots by swiping across them as images, the info underneath used to change on swipe and that’s how I could see left to pay really easily. Whether the new ones are listed or images, I still need to click in to get that info.

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I think I get what you mean. On the vertical swipe UI you could swipe left to right and the detail of the pot would show below and change. If you have the option of disabling the new UI you can go back to that view and work as you have done.

If you can’t then your best best is to feedback below. They are looking into things such as a unified feed but I think in your case, in the “new monzo” the only way to do this currently would be to click into each pot individually, on the basis you can’t change the new UI back to how it was.


Lemme see it I can find the reference, but I think Monzo are planning on reintroducing the swipe between pots gesture.


Fingers crossed! Thanks @Peter_G !

Okay this is the post!

Here’s the specific bit:

My emphasis.

I take from this you’ll be able to swipe from pot to pot, but not to the main account.

But that should fulfill your need, I think?


Has anyone else in the community encountered similar challenges with the new UI on Pots, where it now requires more clicks to access and manage their budgets and payments, and if so, have they found any workarounds or alternative methods to maintain the same level of efficiency they had with the previous UI?


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