Specialist team

Ive been waiting for around 5 weeks for an account to be closed and everytime i talk to people through the help chat on the app i am left with no information regarding my account closure just them telling me that i will have to wait 2-4 weeks which they are still telling me on the 5th week. Ive also spoken to some helpful people over the phone but everytime i call i have to wait for them to call me as my account is ‘frozen’. Is there a way that I can contact this so called ‘specialist team’ that the people on the app chat section constantly talk about.

Did you ask for the account to be closed after they froze your account? If that is the case, you would have to wait until their investigation is finished. Apologies if that is not the case and I misread.

Originally no, i wasnt able to access my account and then i asked what was going on with it on multiple occasions and on one of the occasions the person i was talking to asked for my backup account details to which i sent them and when i asked they said it was to close my account, though since then i can access my account, but the account was under investigation about 7 weeks ago.

So it was frozen, then going to be closed, all the while still under investigation but you have access?

Yes I have access but cant do anything with the account i get an error messAge with every action.

Unfortunately you will just have to wait… Specialist team is pretty much everyone not on the front line at Monzo but no one here will be able to help you.

Avoid calling them about it as there are reports on here of peoples phone numbers being blocked .

Is there?

I’ve seen lots of people say it just cuts you off, but not about people being blocked.


You’ll probably just have take my word for it (or not :wink:) as most threads I’ve seen that talk about it get closed and delisted pretty quick

The only time I saw comments claiming that Monzo is blocking numbers was when people were calling from withheld numbers and the below covers that:

I’ve not seen any mention of them blocking specific numbers, but it would make sense in the above situation too.