How long to get to a specialist

How long for a specialist to get back to you please?

How long is a piece of string?

It depends on so many factors. What the enquiry is, what specialist it needs, if it’s a big job, if it includes any 3rd parties, how many staff are furloughed, off sick, on holiday, what the ticket backlog is like etc etc

You’ll need to ask in app for a rough estimate and if possible I’m sure they’ll give you one if not already.

I already asked on the in app chat and they are not saying how long, bad service

It’s incredibly unlikely we could offer an answer, if the in-app chat is unable to.


Probably because it’s really hard to due to all the reasons I listed and the fact that the current pandemic won’t be helping either. I’m sure they’ll get back to you as quick as they can :slight_smile:

Out of interest what is it you’re waiting for them to do?

Thankyou, they blocked my card out the blue and I just wanted to know when a specialist would attend to me

That could be a bit of a wait. They’ll need to do some investigations first

The length of time will be entirely dependent on why they’ve blocked your card.

In the meantime, reading this may answer some of your questions: