Have had my account closed with no reason. Froze my money. Now not able to speak to anyone to tell me why, or what is happening. Tried calling, tried for over 3 hours with no answer. All the money I have to my name was in this account, now I have no funds to live on. All I want is to speak with someone who can help?

Have you had an email to explain?

If they have locked your account and frozen the funds this is something they are obliged to do by law. They won’t undo it because you contact them unfortunately.

Can you access the chat in the app?

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The app has been closed down and I have no access to it. My email and phone number are logged with them, so can’t no get in. Been trying to call, but never answer. Had no email to explain Revels, but thank’s anyway.

Usually when you log into your account, you’re right it is closed down but there should be a message on screen. Be sure to check your spam folder for emails too.

Here is an article that will hopefully help:

Until then you’ll just have to keep trying on the phone and expect a few days for an email response. They focus all their resource on in app chat.

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Hi, Yes read all that before. Still , they did say on Monday that within 4 days someone would call me. So keep on waiting. Thanks anyway.

No problem. I hope you resolve it all soon :crossed_fingers:

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