Email response times

How long does it take to get email reply or speak to a human🤬

Hi Hayley,

Have you tried contacting via the in app support?
If so, it usually states a wait time. How long have you been waiting?

Additionally, have you tried calling the number on the back of your Monzo card?

The number says it can’t help and my account is closed so I can’t get on chat.

Not since you last asked. Wait a few days and see if you get a reply.

Did you state that you wanted to make a complaint? If so there are rules on how long before they must reply.

You can try phoning them if you have the time, might take a few tries.

I suspect the issue here is the account closure. When was it closed - less than 30 days ago?

If you’re trying to re-open your account, as mentioned above you need to wait 30 days.

If you’re querying your account closure it takes a long while to get a reply. Here is an article to help explain why etc:

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It just keeps saying sorry we can’t answer your query over they phone. Without knowing the bloody query

Is this the automated answer machine? You need to keep phoning until someone answers.

If they not you closed your account, there’s not much they can tell you.

Must Of called 100 times. Still nothing.

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