Slow response times

Yeah, they seem to be very short on ’ specialists’

I don’t think it’s helped by the fact everything seems to be moving quite quickly (rightly or wrongly), and the COps are designed to cover the basics only - Anything above and beyond has the feeling that they need to go and find someone else.

Because we seem to hear things quite early on the forum, some of the COps aren’t up to speed yet…

But, it does frustrate me when it feels like there is a lack of communication behind the scenes.

I mean, the whole…

“Really sorry guys, we aren’t getting ISA’s launched this financial year because of X, Y and Z”

Followed by (the very next day)…

“Great news, we’ve launched ISA’s today”

Just seems very poor, and doesn’t give me a huge amount of confidence about what’s being discussed behind the scenes.


I’ve personally not had any problems with response times for any queries I have had - although I’ve not had anything complex that I’ve needed solving

Due to the nature of the issue this may be why it is taking longer than usual - especially if you cant log-in at all -but I really have no idea- as annoying as it is, I’d just keep trying!

What madness is this?!


Yeah it is crazy, when they are busy it puts down anyway and they call you back which they can’t do if it’s withheld, but still not an excuse.

If I call from work it shows withheld, and I’m sure it does for other people, care homes and shelters often do also

Due to the nature of my request it should have actually been dealt with instantly… however this had failed to happen.

I have finally since been in contact with someone, and my issue is “kind of” resolved now.

However, still no excuse for the sheer lack of communication between people and departments, and the fact of actually getting back in contact with the customer!

Have you complained? I’d just raise it with them and say that if it should’ve been done instantly, it should have done. In my experiences Cops have been really good so its a shame it hasn’t been as smooth for you.

Definitely not and it shouldn’t be this way at any point whatsoever - I’d just let them know that it wasn’t up to scratch!

Yes there is an ongoing complaint and investigation with the initial issues which occurred - but as well as this I will mentioning the lack of communication and assistance from anyone at all.


Hi Callum,

If you still need some help with this please feel free to DM me. I apologise that you’ve had a poor experience - it’s of course not what we want to hear. I note that you mention you’ve raised a complaint, so our complaints team should be handling matters from here, but if I can help more please let me know.


I too have noticed that ‘Live’ Chat response times have slipped quite badly once again.

It took ~12 hours (no time stamp on my initial message) to get a response to what I thought was a simple question and got a completely useless response back.

Is it true that calling customer services from a withheld number gives you a message that customer services are closed?

If so, that’s not acceptable! At the very least the message should say that they need to hang up and call from a different number (though even that is pretty unreasonable request from a bank - but better than lying about being closed!)


No, this isn’t true. If someone is harassing us and calling over and over again, we can in some circumstances enable a block of withheld numbers (people who engage in this behaviour almost always call from withheld numbers) but this would only be temporarily and used if we had no other recourse.


Well I’d like to add that the guy I spoke to on the phone said that this isn’t true and infact numbers which are withheld or linked to a deactivated account are blocked automatically and is given the message that they are too busy to take your call…?

I’ve waited about 9hrs for a chat response and was informed that the chat isn’t manned at night, which I wasn’t aware of.

If this is the case, what time is the chat support actually open ?

As a reply to my message, I asked what time the operated and as yet, 2 hours later I’m yet to receive a response.

The chat support us ridiculous

Our customer support is open 24/7 however there are some specialist areas that are primarily available during office hours.

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Thanks @BethS that wasn’t the way I understood the reply on the chat, and if this is the case, why did it take 9 hours for someone to respond.

It’s shockingly bad

@BethS This is the message I received earlier from your support operator called Linton, it clearly states that the chat was closed and I need to respond by 9pm !!!

“The only reason it was late for yourself was that this chat is manned so as you can imagine we were closed but as long as you message us before 9pm today we will be able to help”

Would you mind popping me a DM with your email ?

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Felt like it is taking a long time for the chat to respond, took 7 hours the other day, good thing was I wasn’t in bed when they replied. I did ask why this was the case and did get an apology for the wait.

I’ve just send another question in the chat and I hope they don’t get back to me in the middle of the night :sob:

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