Monzo specialists

Hi Guys, Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back if your issue has been sent to specialists to look into resolving?

It depends what the issue as different teams cover different things

Its to claim back money that shouldn’t have left the account?

I think (from anecdotal evidence) that they have a lot of queries so it’s a longer wait for them. But that changes daily so it’s really impossible to predict. If you’ve given all the info to the COp who answered the query originally then that speeds it up a bit


Good to know thank you, they have all the information required just awaiting a response.

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Pot luck. Typically a few weeks if your lucky. If you flagged it today, based on recent experience expect a refund in around a month.

@Col12345 i very much hope not! Its a large sum of money. Im going to try calling as its quite difficult to get information via the live chat.

In the middle of the exact same issue. Had over £1000 taken. Chat took a week to respond, called a few times, got a nonsense reply on chat telling me to contact a merchant I don’t know to ask for money back. They refused to discuss with me due to GDPR. Have now flagged it to the Ombudsman as Monzo seem to ignore the rules. Only consistent theme here is that Monzo are quicker to shut down customers complaining on here than they are to respond to complaints. Good luck Laura.

Hi Laura,

We’re sorry to see you’re having trouble with your account at the moment. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can help out with here on the forum.

The best place to get this sorted out is through our in-app chat, or by email at Our team will be happy to investigate what’s happened here.