Sort Code

(Dan Warriner) #1

I was wondering that now Monzo is a bank (with limits), the team must be testing the banking features by now so they can start working with the regulators to get the limits lifted.

If this is the case, Monzo must have its own set of sort codes by now and I was curious what format these would take? Does Monzo have it’s own set of sort codes (like Barclays bank sort codes usually) start with 20) or would it share another banks sort codes (like Metro bank share Barclays sort codes, even though they are independent of them.

It’s a little trivial I know but I was rather curious.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

I don’t think we know yet although @oliver will correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

(Oliver Beattie) #3

No, afraid we don’t know yet :disappointed: As soon as we know, I’ll update this thread though! :loudspeaker:

(Dan Warriner) #4

@oliver I read somewhere that Monzo has sort codes now? Any updates? :slight_smile:

(Oliver Beattie) #5

Hey @warriner :wave:

We’ve been allocated some sort codes, but I’m afraid that we don’t yet know the one we’ll use when we are live :frowning: Watch this space though…

(Mike Fuller) #6

Can I recommend that you try and get Payments UK to publish the Monzo sort codes as soon as they are allocated. I’ve joined another new bank recently and while their sort code can be checked on the payments UK site the number hasn’t yet made it to some pension companies, other banks etc.

When you try and enter your new bank details with these organisations they get rejected because their sort code validation lists aren’t up to date.

It will take some time for utilities etc. to be updated with the latest sort codes and customers could experience difficulties until this happens.

Deciding which codes you’ll use and getting Payments UK to publish these sort codes ASAP will therefore help but I’m sure you’re already on to them about this! :slight_smile:

(Oliver Beattie) #7

Our sort code has actually been published already. When we launch current accounts, they will have the sort code 04-00-04 :blush:

(Oliver Beattie) #9

This is technically correct – we’ll use a third-party to clear cheques. Rest assured, as we’ve mentioned before, cheque deposits will definitely be possible :relieved:

(James Billingham) #11

@oliver Any word on what the BIN/IIN will be?

(Jolin) #12

What a great sort code! I like ones that are easy to remember. Was this a ‘design’ decision or just chance?

(Ben) #13

Insert “sort code not found” puns here…

(Rika Raybould) #14

I’m still convinced that this is a joke on “Branch not found” since sort codes usually still map to branches at traditional banks. :joy:

(Ben) #15

DING DING DING! You win! (hehe - no idea, but that’s a really good explaination!)

(Oliver Beattie) #16

Definitely not just chance… we tried very hard to get a “cool” sort code :nerd:

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(Jolin) #17

I suspected as much. I love the attention to detail the Monzo team consistently applies! :heart_eyes:

(Adam Hockley) #18



This reminds me - did anything ever come of the idea to hand out ‘cool’ account numbers to the early adopters/investors?


And the BIC code for SWIFT is MONZGB21 ??

(Tom ) #21

Sort code ‘win’ by the way. Nice.

(Sean) #22

Freakin awesome sort code!! :raised_hands: never ever have i been excited with sort code lol :joy: