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Continuing the discussion from Merchants & Banks Who Don't Yet Recognise the Monzo Current Account Sort Code / BIN (open Wiki):

I thought it would be beneficial to have somewhere to share social media entries where we are trying to convince companies to update their systems so they accept 04-00-04.

I’ll help anyone out who is trying to do this as its for the greater good of Monzo. Feel free to add your own tweets etc. here and to chime in on others tweets to show your Monzo support.

Could make for entertaining reading too! I quite like picking a few off the list and dropping them a message :grin:

An example of how it should be done…

Link to the @BacsUK Direct Debit Rules…

Direct Debit Rules - See point 7

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(Alex Sherwood) #2

Here’s my tweet to Zopa & their reply -

@Avidfanofstuff I thought you might want to post yours separately.


Thanks @alexs

Here’s mine from this afternoon…

(Marcus Nailor) #4

Toyota’s support team have been of very little use too :frowning:

I had a lovely woman from the team try to help but their system didn’t recognise the sort code. It was “passed up to the finance team” to add support for a new bank. Not heard back since the 17th Aug.

Monzo in-app support have also been notified and let BACS know about it :slight_smile:


This is awesome - thanks guys! :heart_eyes:

(Tom ) #6

Here you go!

(Marta) #7

Oooh, an organised action to bully companies into updating their lists? :muscle: :smiley: Count me in! If some tweets need reinforcing, a like, or some company needs shaming, just post a link here. :smiley: :heart_eyes_cat: I learned enough Twitter to like and reply (thanks to my twitter master!).

(Terry) #8

Count me in, the only problem is I’ve been unable to find anyone not accepting the sort code!

(Adam Williams) #9

I have a low BS tolerance :wink:


If I were you, I would send an email here…


Dropped NS&I a tweet this morning…

(Alex) #12

I’m really surprised to see that Virgin Media keep insisting that they can’t accept Monzo while it’s in beta/closed trials/whatever they feel like calling it. It’s clearly just a technical issue at their end and I’m not sure why they think it’s up to them to decide who we’re allowed to bank with…


Do Sky accept Monzo’s details? That might be some leverage.


Yes they do, I’ve changed mine.

(James Nicholson) #15

Especially since, as it transpires, they do accept it… if you can convince them to change it on your account manually :man_facepalming:


These guys phoned me today to say they have done an update and will allow the 04-00-04 sort code.

Progress but we’ll see if a mandate comes though!

Also chased Vision Express by email.

(Adam Williams) #17

Let’s hope they relay that to the customer support team!


Vision Express have also confirmed 04-00-04.

Awaiting mandate.

(Alex Sherwood) #19

That’s more like it.


Never mind, looks like this got fixed :boom:

Edit 2

Ookk, we did get their attention then.

Zopa Profile View


Maybe you’re being head hunted :grin: