Poor experience switching direct debits to Monzo current account

Hi all,

This is my first post here in the community, I’m new to Monzo and got my current account this month.

Because Monzo doesn’t yet support the current account switching service, I’ve just gone through and manually tried to change all of my direct debits to the new account. I thought I’d share my experience because I’m sure there are others contemplating doing the same.

It’s proved a bit of a faff to be honest, my mortgage company, EON gas and electric and Thames Water don’t recognise Monzo bank. Their systems don’t see the sort code as valid. With all 3 of these companies it was both online and on the phone with advisers.

After back and forth and refusing to call my bank to confirm my details were correct, I convinced the companies to send my details to their back office teams for manual entry.

As for the many other direct debit forms I filled out today, I can only hope that they get processed as well.

One to be wary of.



This is a known issue (if you search there’s a huge thread about it already) but unfortunately there isn’t much you can do to when dealing with crappy legacy companies. Per BACS rules they should already be updating their sort code databases every month.


Ah sorry didn’t mean to add an unnecessary post to the community :slight_smile: I checked out the recommended posts that were generated by what I was writing and a similar one didn’t come up. I’ll perform a search next time too.

These threads 'll help I think


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