Somewhere in the app to find lost notifications / notification history

Here’s the thing. I get lots of notifications and sometimes I end up dismissing them, and sometimes they just vanish (if I reboot my phone for example).

So, I’d love a simple place in Monzo where I can go and see my Monzo notification history. :pray:

Great idea. I often use a similar feature in other apps, and it would be very helpful here :+1:

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This would be great. I already posted a use case here: Interest on savings pots

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They had an e tray in the earlier version of the new nav and i liked it.

Gets a vote from me :clap:

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Not quite ‘within Monzo’ and YMMV but you can get to your notification history (Android) by;

  • Long press anywhere on your home screen
  • Tap on ‘Widgets’ (maybe at the bottom of the screen if non-stock)
  • Scroll down and tap/hold/drag the “Settings shortcut” widget onto your preferred screen, then tap on “Notification Log” from the displayed list of shortcuts
  • Then tap on the widget icon (located where you dragged it to as per the previous point) and scroll through your past notifications

Not particularly quick or isolated to Monzo notifications, but it may help.

This would be perfect - not only for Monzo either there’s so many apps that could use this functionality.

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I think that’s a stock (pixel) android thing that most android users dont have. Not there on Samsung or Huawei which makes up a large number of people.

This is still frustrating when you accidentally swipe notifications away!

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This would be great. Even just being able to see the last 30 days worth of notifications would be good

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Hopefully the summary button will be leaving soon. That spot would be an intuitive location for a notifications button.


Great idea, a notifications tab would really really useful.