Welcome To [Country] Notifications - Missing Feed Item



I’m out in Germany and popped into a McDonald’s Cafe for a quick coffee and thought if give my spankingly good Monzo card a go (as that’s why I have It!).

It failed with contactless there so used the chip & pin method but once used I got a notification from the app saying something like “Welcome to Germany…” to which I then did the natural thing to any notification… I clicked it to read more.

Now this just opened the Monzo app. From there I searched all over the app looking for that notification but can’t find it. It had some information about exchange rates or something like that but I’ll never know as once clicked it then vanished!

Is there plans for a “notification centre” style area where we can view anything Monzo has sent out? Or maybe add the message to the transaction timeline?

I don’t think I’ll ever find out what it said but any future messages sent via Android notification panel would be great to keep in an area and have that area linked from the notification so it delivers you to there once clicked.

Either this or I’ve missed the area where to find It in the app!

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Hey :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Android users can’t access the feed items that these notifications are related to - they’re there (you can see them if you switch to iOS) but not visible.

The good news is that the Android app will be at feature parity with the iOS app by the time the current accounts are fully rolled out so you should be able to access them :soon:


Great news Alex!

I’ll look forward to the rollout when the current accounts go live.

Thank you for the info :slight_smile:



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