Getting lost to find notification source

Push notifications feature is a solid part of Monzo application. It’s helpful for users to be on track in terms of actions to take, transactions, approvals. It’s also important for security as well. When user taps the notification, it opens the correct screen automatically (by deep linking).

The problem:
When you have different pots, accounts (personal/business), products (flex, virtual cards) etc, it’s very difficult to find the source of a notification. Especially if you lost the notification for any reason, it’s sometimes impossible to understand the action related to that notification you clicked once.

Suggestion: Having a central list of recent notifications inside the app. By this way, I could be sure that I didn’t miss anything even I lose a push notification from phone’s screen.

I believe this was already suggested but I can’t find the thread I’m sure Revels will know I’m surprised he didn’t beat me to it here. :grin:

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At one point they had the bell icon where everything went there. They got rid of it though :man_shrugging:

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On android Settings->Notifications->Notification History will show them.

Not sure of the equivalent on ios.