Custom Notifications

Am I the only one who finds the Monzo payment notifications really annoying?

Screen Time (in iOS) tells me that Monzo sends me the most push notifications (apart from WhatsApp) – even more than Facebook!

I’m all for security (or helping people control their spending); but much of the time it just seems absolutely pointless to be notified.

If it were not possible to mute the notifications through my phone, I think this annoyance would have been enough for me to switch back to my old bank!

It should be possible to adjust the amount of notifications - allowing users, for example, to mute all notifications for:

  • certain merchants;
  • regular/expected payments (e.g. pre-authorised standing orders, or my daily £2.35 at Pret);
  • payments under a certain threshold (which I can set);
  • payments using Apple Pay (with its additional security).

The app would still show the badge number, and perhaps also notify me when I next enter the app.

As I said, I’m all for account security - but right now I’ve had to turn off the notifications entirely (it was getting too much!), which puts me at risk if there is an important account update I need to know about.

Pls look into this asap xx

Sort of discussed here as well:

I agree, more toggles (in the Monzo app) would be handy. Personally my banking app is the one app I WANT as many notifications for as possible. If I miss an email, I’ll catch it later, if I miss a fradulent payment then I want to know ASAP!


I like the idea of custom notifications but the level of control and options available needs to be minimal. I think once the granularity gets down to what you’re listing it’ll get horrendous to manage

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I assume on iOS you have these options?

Ahh yes, I didn’t see that thread!

Well, it’s clear we all have different opinions on the notifications. Which is why there should be customisable options!

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I’m not familiar with iOS but isn’t it done in the Notifications Center, I assume for any app you can granularly choose what notifications are shown or completely toggle them off? Like eBay is:

Starlings for comparison:

That’s a bit :poop: for iOS :confused:

Oh I just assumed iOS had it as it’s been around forever. :stuck_out_tongue: The latest with Pie picks up when you consistently swipe away a particular notification group on an app and says shall I just not show them next time which is a nice touch.