Something, Something, terrible support

why does it take so long for Monzo chat to reply, its been 2 and half hours and counting!
I wouldn’t hold onto the phone for a call centre for that long so why should I have to for a chat feature

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I don’t want to upset you but 2.5 hours isn’t a long time in this sphere.

You’ll probably find a hundred posts regarding support time on the forum.


its not acceptable, especially when something is urgent and something which a simple phone call could solve straight away


I know you’re stressing about it, but it’s not really an urgent situation.

You have a pending payment that you want to clear faster. Monzo cannot do that. When you do get to talk to someone, they won’t be able to help you, solve your problem or speed it up. All they’ll do is tell you to wait.


it is an urgent situation for me.
I need to pay for a valuation on my house by 1:30 today, if they don’t receive payment, I’ll have to wait another 48 hours. so for me it is urgent

Can we please keep all the posts in at least one topic, you’ve got them over 3 more and it’s getting hard to follow. Monzo don’t provide instant chat, they’ve got the message and will respond. Going on nearly 3 hours isn’t slow either tbf, not for monzo


But as said to you in your other topic, this isn’t a Monzo problem.

“My payment hasn’t cleared yet” isn’t urgent in the grand scheme of things and isn’t going to get you to the top of the list.


Even if Monzo did respond, they’ve done their bit. The money has been sent from your account as you instructed them to do so.


Is this actually clear? Sometimes banks run ‘checks’ and in my experience with other banks often they don’t tell you and it still shows as sent.

I think HSBC was the main culprit of this :sweat_smile:

If you want prompt support, Monzo is absolutely a good fit for you. Monzo also have a phone number you can ring where if you’re not cut off after waiting a certain amount of time, someone will just tell you to use the app anyway.

Monzo’s responses can be hours later, and replies more hours later.

If this isn’t acceptable for you, choose another bank with 24/7 live support.

I don’t think many banks do offer live chat support?

TSB (chat has never worked in the app), LBG, Santander and NatWest have always been a few hours for a reply.

Telephony support is probably best for important things.

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Starling certainly do, HSBC offer it via the website though in app chat it’s a bit slower but generally not hours.

NatWest/RBS is more of a Monzo situation. I wouldn’t be so harsh on Monzo’s support if their phone support was better. Having a phone system which is literally designed to disconnect customers when you’re busy and employing robots who tell people just to use the app anyway.


FYI it doesn’t do this anymore.

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That’s excellent news. Glad to hear. I never saw the point of running phone support if they didn’t actually want to offer phone support. Good to know the tide is turning.

This isn’t uncommon, LBG was doing this through the pandemic because the colleagues couldn’t keep up with demand, and hiring more wasn’t really the solution.

This is where self help is relevant yet many choose to deny doing so and want someone to do it for them when the information is available to them elsewhere.

I used Santander web chat the other day. Quick but useless. I also used telephone support; half hour wait, five minute chat, sorted.

I used Santander bot to update my address which was handy, doesn’t say you can do it online but it was automated which was impressive.

25 mins on the phone before I spoke to someone at Natwest :frowning:

Still quicker the 4 hours monzo took