Monzo Chat a contradiction in terms

my understanding of a chat line is that the other end responds almost straight away. This is different to a phone service thst we expect say to have to wait up to 30/45 minutes. An email service is 24 hoursor more

The only way to contact Monzo support is via the chat line but today you have to stare at the screen waiting for some one to respond for over 2 and half hours and counting. This is not a chat facility and is more an email. Monzo should change the auto bot message to some thing more appropriate like thanks for your message The team will get back to you within 24 hours.


You don’t have to keep chat open. Close it and go about your day and you’ll get a notification when they answer

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Sadly that’s not true, it’s not live chat. You should also receive an estimated response time when you send a message too.

Then as mentioned above, the beauty is that you can carry on with your day and respond at your leisure instead of having a phone glued to your head like with traditional banks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I think the estimated response time is one of those things that some customers get and some don’t. I didn’t get one when I contacted them a few days ago.


No estimated time. Perhaps outside of chatbots parameters

Monzo should either put on more staff or rebadge this as message service and not call it chat.

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Ironically you’ve chosen to put this topic in the ‘Monzo chat’ category and this isn’t instant :wink:

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That’s annoying. I think I recall a post that stated they show it in most cases where they can, so thankfully it’s not an OS or testing thing like the chat button :sweat_smile:

Edit: Found it!

I thought this some months that the naming of the chat feature is quite misleading. With chat or live chat systems I think there’s an expectation that you’ll be having a more fluid conversation


It really is - it was an area I never liked in Monzo tbh. I get that this method of leave a message and we’ll get back to you works for some scenarios but there should’ve been an option for instant support.

Before someone jumps on me and says “you can ring them” I did this once and while they guy was nice and polite, his answer to every question was “let me check on that and we’ll respond in chat with an answer”

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Starling distinguish between “chats” and “messages”. A chat is answered quickly and is conducted in “real-time”, whereas the “message” facility is more like dropping them an email with no expectation of an immediate response.

All the chat facilities on websites I can think of are interactive, real-time conversations. If Monzo’s support doesn’t work that way, maybe it would be better to call it “Monzo Messages” rather than use the word “chat”. I think that would help manage users’ expectations in terms of how quickly they are likely to receive a response.


Its not really at your leisure, it’s at Monzos leisure

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You not tried chatting to Ryanair this year then :man_shrugging:

They not be a bank, but they sure as hell like holding on to "deposits":rage:

You get chat-bot, you’re unhelpful assistant.

I dictate when I respond though - more of a team effort then :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s much better than listening to distorted on hold music praying that you’re next in the queue because you need to get back to work.


Yeah I totally get that, and there’s pros and cons.

The chat is just a bugbear of mine.
Hate that every reply from them seems to end up with them (not in so many words) saying “there you are, now off you go now leave us alone”, rather than checking you’re happy and understand and if there’s anything else you need. But I understand why it’s like that.

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My experience of most websites which offer live chat (EE, o2, yodel etc) are that you have to sit and wait until an agent becomes available. Once they’re available then you can speak to them live, but you can spend a long time waiting for somebody to become available.

The most frustrating system I’ve used recently is with Gousto where you send a message in the app, which may or may not be responded to immediately (it appears they use intercom) but that if you close the app or it goes to sleep it automatically gets closed and you have to keep your eyes peeled for an email which often ends up in junk :man_facepalming:t2:

My personal preference is that I like the Monzo method of doing it. As staff we don’t get any sort of preferential treatment, but whenever I’ve needed help with an urgent issue it’s usually been responded to in a few minutes but I’ve had to wait several hours for replies to non urgent issues. I’d rather wait for a reply but at least be able to send messages than sit refreshing a webpage until I can send a message.

I guess ultimately everybody has their own preference and will use a product/service which best fits their choice. It’s one of the best things of a free market - choice!

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If you’re referring to Monzo chat then we’re now working towards goals internally which we call first touch resolution.

The aim is that we’re reducing the number of times a customer needs a reply, and the number of people they might speak to. If we can, from the information provided, resolve it with a single reply then we aim to.

This might mean it seems like the message comes with a sign off, but if your query hasn’t been resolved then we’ll be happy to continue helping.

I think for some people who’ve been with Monzo for awhile that might seem a bit jarring, because you’d often get your issue resolved and have a bit of “banter”, but more customers are used to not having that and just expect the issue to be solved and then move on (I hope that sounds as I mean it to!)

I’m happy (as always) to feed back anything to the team!


Thank for the reply Dan always appreciate your point of view and input on these things.

Just went back through my chat history to find some examples and in fairness, and in hindsight, they maybe aren’t as bad as my above message made out. But at the time it was the impression I came away with, perhaps because at the time, when the problem was front and centre for me, I wasn’t reading the replies as dispassionately as I can now, months & weeks later.

I get it’s a balancing act, between trying to please everyone, which you’ll never do anyway, doing the right thing for your customers, and doing the right thing for the business in terms of the cost to serve. It’s not easy.


Absolutely, and I find it a bit strange sometimes now when I’m on chat and there’s much less back and forth.

I think it’s a better customer experience (and it’s definitely better than getting passed from person to person) but as always we’ll be able to improve and any feedback is always appreciated (even if it’s difficult to hear!).

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The only time I’ve used it with Monzo I got a hello and a wave and in the same response, the rest of what I needed to know.

What I hate is the chats that you state your issue first and then you get “hello, I’m John. I’m here to help” and messages back and forth before they can get to actually helping.


One of the mobile operators which asks you to fill in a box with the issue before you get through to a live agent and then they always ask how can I help? So now I copy and paste the box before I send it!