Slow support responses

(Liam H) #145

If I remember correctly, Monzo Chat should behave differently to avoid this exact scenario.

If we’re not active for a certain amount of time, the next message you send should unassign the conversation.

If you wouldn’t mind DM’ing your email over, I’d be happy to look into this. I think this behaviour is the case already, but if not maybe it should be :blush:

(Nick Perry) #146

Is this a new thing on the new chat platform? I’ve just come up against this. It’s exacerbated by the slow turnaround of chat issues. A semi urgent issue of a declined ATM transaction has come up but if I start a chat about it, the app wants to insert it into a less urgent ongoing issue that has nothing to do with it.

(Attila Bordas) #147

Yes, it is the new system and a new chat and it’s absolutely horrible, i wish they never changed it

(Hugh Wells) #148

Thanks for the feedback :pray:

Monzo Chat does have a lot of improved features and will help us scale but it is not perfect at all so I’ll feed this back :+1:

The context behind this is that we’re moving away from having individual conversations and more of a timeline view with only one “stream” of chat messages. This ultimately makes it much easier to resolve complex queries as we’re not searching around between multiple chats, and also prevents any confusion or lost information :slight_smile:

(Dan Warriner) #149

I’d be curious to hear more about this point of view. Is this to say that the new hires are temporary? Or is the plan to have them there to support more customers ‘each’ as customer numbers grow and automation/efficiency improves?

(Hugh Wells) #150

Not at all :slight_smile: What Beth means by over-hiring is we hire (or aim to) more people than we currently predict we would need to meet demand :+1: We do have some temps who cover back office tasks like BizOps (PIN recoveries, IDV submissions and of course Merchant Review Queen @RachelRaybould) and raising Mastercard Chargebacks.

Kinda - our goals are around 10 conversations per hour, which I think is probably a sensible average number and unlikely to change, certainly for the moment :+1:

(Hugh Wells) #152

:sweat_smile: Not to worry! And best of luck :tada: :muscle:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #153

Still waiting for my job offer init :eyes:

(Hugh Wells) #154

Still waiting for your application, init :wink:

(Liam H) #155

Just wanted to follow up on chat behaviour!

Chats should drop out of personal queues after a period of inactivity, doesn’t seem to have been happening so this is being looked at.

Thanks for keeping an eye out and feeding back with Monzo Chat, really makes a difference :blush:

(Liam H) #156

To give more context on this one, thankfully it doesn’t appear to be having too much of an effect on customer satisfaction. There’s definitely a dip, but it’s surprisingly resistant.

We’re all looking forward to getting this back to a level we feel comfortable with, but these past couple of months have actually given us a chance to test one of our biggest assumptions - that first reply time had to be under an hour.

I’ve been doing a lot of qualitative analysis on this, and it appears this isn’t the case. First reply time is of lower importance to customers who say their message isn’t urgent, so I think this is why the score has been resistant.

Here’s CSAT over the past 6 months:

(Neil M) #157

Out of curiosity, what’s the CSAT for urgent replies?
Or is this the CSAT for all replies?


Can I ask what would be a comfortable level for Monzo for a non urgent help chat from start to resolution? And how long do you think it will take to achieve that?

(Liam H) #159

That’s CSAT for all queries together :+1:

Non urgent is slightly lower at the moment. 87% for the past month, whereas urgent is 92% :blush:

(Jack) #160

My biggest bug bare with the slow response times was due to the new Monzo chat not showing if you’d received the message. Now that there’s sent receipts and time stamps I’m happy to wait a few hours for a response if it’s non urgent.
Staff are always quick once they pick it up.

(Liam H) #161

Sure thing!

We’ve set 2 hours as our internal target for the moment, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this too :blush:

(Liam H) #162

We’ll have the estimated wait time in the app soon enough as well :+1:

In App Help Chat
(Jack) #163

Pleased to hear the improvements to chat are coming quick!


I’d probably not want to wait more than 90 minutes for a regular chat - If there’s the option for an urgent chat there. It did worry me quite a bit that you reportedly seemed to be experimenting with removing the urgent option at a time of heightened need. If it goes, then i think you probably need to be looking at all responses within 30 minutes.

(Steve) #165

I reckon 2 hours is just about enough. No more then 20 mins for anything really urgent though