Slow support responses

(Matt C) #166

Is it first come first served, or do you use some sort of triaging to flag particular messages you feel are urgent so that they are dealt with more quickly?

(Liam H) #167

I think this could be related to a bug we had a little while back.

If anyone started a chat from a joint account the urgent toggle wasn’t there, this is fixed now thankfully.

We haven’t actually experimented with the urgent toggle since the initial experiment to see if we wanted to implement it. Not to say we won’t in the future, but nothing at the moment :blush:

(Liam H) #168

First come first served, but at the moment we do “sweep” the queues for things we think needs a quicker response than our current wait times :+1:

(Steve) #169

Could you provide any insight as to why it wouldn’t be implemented? Unless it was being misused, I would imagine this is a great feature for support?

(Liam H) #171

Great question. Yes the main concern was misuse if I remember correctly. If too many people use the urgent toggle, then it becomes less of an exception and more of the norm :blush:

(Steve) #172

I can see that. To avoid a ‘cry wolf’ scenario I suppose you would just run a simple scan over incoming messages looking for keywords and then prioritise them based on that?

(Liam H) #174

Definitely. We’ve tried a couple of different ways in the past, some manual, some automatic, but then sometimes it just comes back to “Let’s ask people”. The urgent toggle is an extension of that really :blush:


Really reassuring to hear, thank you! :blush:

(I actually think some experiments might be useful here in the future - but it seemed that it would have been mean to take it away when there was a queue! Glad that wasn’t the case. :muscle: :monzo: )


Yes, I’ve seen some folk who seem to use it as their personal VIP switch - which I thought was patently unfair (and a bit entitled on their part). Really glad that most folk seem to be using it in the spirit intended!

(Steve) #177

It’s sad that it would be misused like that. It’s definitely a ‘abuse it and lose it’ kind of thing. I suppose we have ran with the mantra that the ‘customer is always right’ which did nothing but lead to entitled customers!

(Neil M) #178

I’m curious if the latest round of crowd funding/ any crowd funding has led to the 'I’m a shareholder, so answer my query" kind of issues?

(Sam Vendittelli) #179

When the cops are swamped there is a warning saying the wait times may be long, it would be good if there was an indication of how long.

Either based on the average time to respond or your place in a queue? I don’t know how difficult it would be extract these metrics from the cops message queueing system and add them to the app, but it’d be valuable to have.


Hey @Vendittelli, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post here as there’s already been some discussion of this idea.

In fact, Monzo had this to say recently:


(Dan Warriner) #181

Thanks! I think your lucky post must’ve worked :eyes:

(Jack) #182

Hey @liamh ,

Just curious if you’ve seen an increase in the number of people attempting contact Monzo via phone since the in app times have increased?

I understand the call and the gang team are quite small so if it has gone up it must put a lot of pressure on them! Especially if in app chat is the preferred and primary method of contact.


(Andre Borie) #184

Oops looks like the new chat exploded. :joy:

(Tom) #185

I know that :monzo: are aggressively hiring COps at the moment, but it’s a little concerning when you see posts saying how the phoneline just disconnects because it’s busy.

If I make the effort to actually call a company, I’m going to expect/be prepared to wait in a queue until my call is answered, not just get cut off.

(Neil M) #186

It may be because they are actively scaling people but forgot to scale infrastructure to deal with the enquiries.


Resolved :stuck_out_tongue: