Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

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In-app chat would give you more info! Don’t worry about disputing it straight from the app as it takes you to a chat conversation anyway.


Would it be a good idea if we made a sticky suggesting “Help with accounts cannot be provided on these forums. Please contact the Customer Operations team within the Monzo app for further support?”


Don’t think so. Sometimes people don’t know if they should contact, at least us telling them it’s the best thing to do offers reassurance. Sometimes we can help as it might be a problem that’s affected a few people like the reversal problem last month


Good point, well made.

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(shahid rasheed) #170

hello, my name is Shahid. I have a monzo current account card. is it different to the pre paid card and what are the differences. can i apply for both.

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Hi, the Current Account and the pre-paid card are essentially the same. You can no longer apply for a pre-paid card.
With the CA though you get FSCS protection as Monzo are a real bank. Unlike say, Revolut.

(shahid rasheed) #172

i am unable to verify the account via the mobile app. after receiving the SMS. tried multiple times


How far have you got in sign up process? Have you photographed your ID and done the video?

(shahid rasheed) #174

yes, i even used the card once


So you logged out of the account and are trying to log back in?

Double check you have used the correct email and used the i already have an account and not create a new account.
If all that is correct email and they can sort it out for you

(Jack) #176

This gives a good visual of what they can do, More possibilities with a current account.
As the others said the pre paid closed in the past.

Edit: There are other Monzo features that have been released since that post by the way.

(Angela ) #177

Hi there, completely new to this app and community. How do I go about requesting a card? I believe there is a wait list, will I be contacted for information when it is my turn? Thanks, Angela


No waiting anymore. Download the app, do the ID checks and your card will be with you a couple of days later

(Antonio Zaharia) #179

Hello,i have a problem,i’m in holiday and i can’t use my debit card…where i can find a telephone number to see what’s the problem??thank u and a nice weekend

(Andy) #180

Hey it’s on the back of your card:

08008021281 or +442038720620

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The last month or so I’ve been experiencing some stutters, hitches and other general lag in the Monzo app on an iPhone 8 Plus. Is this a known issue and is there currently any sort of workaround?

(Liam) #183

Any particular issues, or just general performance problems?

I don’t think there are any outstanding widespread performance issues. If there’s anything that’s particularly bad then it might be worth contacting Monzo via in-app chat.

I use Monzo on a second hand iPhone SE without significant stutters or slowness, so you would’ve thought an 8+ would be fine.

(Jack) #184

Try reinstalling the app.