Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

Have you deleted, re-started, and re-installed the app? Does it get past?

Not sure if I’m missing something - I’m a Plus account holder and I was going to open a savings pot as I saw on the Monzo site that Plus accounts get 4.6% interest vs 4.1% for regular accounts. I’ve gone through the flow to open it (without pulling the trigger) but everything points towards it being 4.1% rather than 4.6%.

Am I just not reading it right?

You need to open a Personal Instant Access Savings pot.

Details are in here: Our new exclusive interest rate for Plus and Premium customers

Hi, just a quick question
I am trying to activate a replacement card but receiving the message “sorry we are unable to activate your card at this time”

What do I do?

Best to contact Monzo in the app and ask them. Go to the help section and search for contact us.

How do I re-title my account on my app so I can call it “Bills Account”?

You don’t, unless you mean your Pot, then head into Pot and tap cog top right.

Just to further answer this, with Monzo you can only have one personal account at any time, it’s not possible to open second ones such as with Chase etc.

As @Carlo1460 says you can create pots, and with monzo you could create a bills pot to do much the same function.

I tried to search, but couldn’t find a thread about this from newer than 2020- are merchants allowed to refuse Apple Pay and insist on a physical card, and if not, is there a way to file a complaint? I had an odd occurrence of a store in Japan refusing to process the transaction, covering their contactless reader, when I pulled up my card on Apple Pay and only relenting once I pulled my physical card out of my wallet and took it from me to tap to prevent me from pulling a fast one.

Not much you can do really, same boat as Tui not accepting monzo or revolut, the banks can’t do much about it and the payment networks probably too busy to care.

The merchant maybe had a lot of fraud recently, so deflects from wallet pay, or in some other form may get charged differently.

Other than using your physical card or just buy elsewhere, not much else you can do.

I am having a problem that is preventing me from using the service. I don’t know how to resolve it.
I ordered my card to the wrong address and it was returned.
Since then I haven’t been able to update my address in the app so that my card can arrive successfully. It is a bit frustrating that I cannot access my personal details in the app or use the in-app chat to contact support.
Has anyone experienced this problem or know what to do?

How did you add your own address wrong when you registered?

You cannot get your first card delivered to anything but your registered address.

Hi There :wave:

The only way to resolve this is to reach out via the app chat, email at or give us a call and we can give you next steps on how to fix this!

I understand the need to keep a record of transactions when closing a pot. However, why do I have to leave £10! in each pot. Everytime there is a rate increase I need to set up a new pot so each time I have to leave £10 behind?!

Also, is there an alert system somewhere (not into junk email) that tells us when the rates increase. In searching these threads I see that Monzo has been ‘trying to work on this’ for some years. It seems that you allow third party providers to reduce interest rates automatically but not reciprocate when rates rise!

You only need to keep £10 if you want the pot to remain open, which you don’t. Close it and then all the money in there will come back to you.

These pots are provided by external suppliers and it’s not in their interest to increase the rate quickly/easily for you, some do, but slowly.

You need to archive the pot to withdraw all the money from it.

To do this, edit the pot and click the arcane icon in the top right…

Hi, I’ve put a Q on the bugs thread as I can’t seem to get support in-app any more and I was wondering how long it normally takes to get a response? I had expected being a forum that there would be mods looking into things regularly, but obvs if wait times are going to be long then I just need to adjust my expectations and stop checking multiple times a day! :slight_smile:

Hi @Emilyelsie :wave:

Please can you remove your email from your profile? (not a good idea to have this displayed in public)

We’re almost all users here, with one or two Monzo employees checking in from time to time. Monzo support is available in-app, via email or phone - the details are shown on your Monzo card(s)

EDIT: I’ve just found your post in the bugs thread, I’ll fire off a few ideas below it.

This community is mainly just customers. We get the odd bit of staff engagement but it’s not a place for support beyond what us customers can advise.

In app is where you need to go for support :slight_smile:

Thanks! When I looked in the help section in the app, I was directed here with no option for in-app support/chat - so I assumed that Monzo had moved everything over here. Thanks David for the tip and for replying to the thread!

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