Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

No, You cant reverse money sent to someone elses bank account

Unless they claim fraud in which case you have bigger problems

Having no success uploading the photo i.d to open an account.Just hangs. No problem with selfie video just pic. Any hints please ??

HI Peter & welcome :wave:

Daft question - is your sound ON? (not on vibrate/do not disturb/etc.) - in other words, when you take a pic, does the camera app make a sound?

There are a few things to check & try here;

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me when the community forum was started? Was it 2017? And has it always used Discourse as a platform? I’m doing some study around online communities for a course so I’m interested to find out!

I wonder, is there anyone here who’s been here from the beginning? How has the forum changed do you think?

November 2015 afaik, always discourse

Thanks! So it’s been integral to the org since the start of Monzo. That’s cool and interesting :slight_smile:

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I am a HW engineer. Been one for 40 years. I do write my own code, and so I thought I could deal with this scripted world. If it were C++, I think I could. But I care too much about using CPU cycles efficiently, to learn Javascript, or HTML, or any other waste of HW cycles.

So pleas… Provide me with one thing – I broke my phone. I need to know my balance. Please provide me some trick, tip, actual code, whatever, call me silly, I just need my balance from a laptop.

Thank you!

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Thank you so much. You Rock!

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I need to make a large payment (16,000 or so) next week and I believe it will be a card payment through a web portal. If I use my Monzo debit card, will this require special authorization or simply approving through the app?

You’ll need to contact Monzo through the in app chat on the day to get your limits raised. You’ll need a selfie and ID for this to go through.

When you do - make sure you raise them to exactly what you need for the day, not just the one event! Otherwise you’ll blow your limits for the day and won’t be able to do anything else.

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The default limit is £10K per day for card payments unless, as @anon99402360 has informed, you’ve arranged an increase to cover the larger amount to be spent on the specific day when the transaction will happen.


I try to use Monzo to its full potential to make saving a bit more fun, but I have seen some issues with the Budget feature. When I set budgets for different types of spending, in this case a total of 340 GBP, the total amount wont let me put it down to that amount, it stays on 343 GBP… For someone with slight OCD this is very frustrating :sweat_smile::joy:

Is this a bug or is there going to be a better implementation for the budget feature, such as being able to type a number or get round numbers straight away instead of first going back to 0 to get 5GBP increments.


Looking forward to hearing from you.
FYI this is on iOS.


My phone is temporarily broken and while it should be back working this week how can I access my Sort code and account number in the meantime?


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Hi Alice & welcome :wave:

Using a browser, go to and login using the same email address you used to sign up to Monzo. You’ll also need access to that email’s inbox to receive the magic link.

The account & sort code, along with other basic info about your account* is then displayed.

*Personal Accounts only, Joint Accounts not supported.

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I find if you plus the total amount higher then it will eventually go to a round number (ending in £5 and £10), you can then go back down again to exactly £340… Let me know if this works! :slight_smile:

Can this feature be added if you want to make a large purchase - you put the amount and how long you want to save for and it’s calculated how much each month and that amount gets taken from your account to a saving pot

Welcome by the way :wave:

Start a new topic in the ‘Feedback & Ideas’ section and if enough people vote on it I’m sure it will get Monzos attention :slight_smile:

In the mean time you’d just have to do the math manually and setup a scheduled pot transfer for the monthly amount. Not a huge amount of work but having it automated wouldn’t be so bad either.