Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly ๐Ÿ™‚)

Hi, I am selling a car. If the buyers transfers funds to my Monzo account, are they able to reverse that at a later point in time?

No, You cant reverse money sent to someone elses bank account

Unless they claim fraud in which case you have bigger problems

Having no success uploading the photo i.d to open an account.Just hangs. No problem with selfie video just pic. Any hints please ??

HI Peter & welcome :wave:

Daft question - is your sound ON? (not on vibrate/do not disturb/etc.) - in other words, when you take a pic, does the camera app make a sound?

There are a few things to check & try here;

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me when the community forum was started? Was it 2017? And has it always used Discourse as a platform? Iโ€™m doing some study around online communities for a course so Iโ€™m interested to find out!

I wonder, is there anyone here whoโ€™s been here from the beginning? How has the forum changed do you think?

November 2015 afaik, always discourse

Thanks! So itโ€™s been integral to the org since the start of Monzo. Thatโ€™s cool and interesting :slight_smile:

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I am a HW engineer. Been one for 40 years. I do write my own code, and so I thought I could deal with this scripted world. If it were C++, I think I could. But I care too much about using CPU cycles efficiently, to learn Javascript, or HTML, or any other waste of HW cycles.

So pleasโ€ฆ Provide me with one thing โ€“ I broke my phone. I need to know my balance. Please provide me some trick, tip, actual code, whatever, call me silly, I just need my balance from a laptop.

Thank you!

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Thank you so much. You Rock!

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